What do I need for HD?

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    What do I actually need for HD?

    I want to upgrade to an Upgradable or an Intergrated RPTV

    Then would I need an special dish from direct tv (or some other satelite co.)?

    Do I need a separate receiver if my tv is intergrated?

    What is the best to buy right now intergrated or upgradable?

    sorry for all the questions, but I'm a little confused about what you actually need to get Hd

    Of course I know the question of whats actually broadcast in HD is a different matter


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    I believe that right now the only integrated TV with both OTA and satellite HD reception capability is one made by RCA. Several of the newer HD sets have built in OTA tuners.
    If you want "the whole shebang," you will need the following in some sort fashion:
    HD "ready" TV
    for DirecTV:
    an integrated receiver in the TV (see above)or
    a "STB" or set top box which is a HD receiver for both OTA and satellite signals. To pick up OTA signals, you will need a good antenna whose size will vary depending on how far you are from the transmitter. You will also need an oval satellite dish with two dual LNBs that will pick up both the 101 and 119 degree DirecTV satellites. This receiver will output a component signal to go into the HD input on your TV
    For DISH:
    a DISH model 6000 receiver with the OTA module. This will have to be connected to an appropriate OTA antenna and also to two satellite dishes. One for the regular DISH programming at 110, and the other aimed at 61.5 for the HD programming. These satellite LNBs are attached to an appropriate multiswitch with the cable then run to the STB.
    There is much info about either way of doing things, along with the relative merits/programming of each, at avsforum.
    Good luck.

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