What do I do with these couches?

Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by Elfmaze, Jun 23, 2013.

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    I have a couch dilemma. I have a set of This End Up Living room furniture similar to these.


    The Things Are built like tanks. And its a matching set and all. They have lasted in my family for ~ 25 yrs and been thru two sets of cushions. The problem is, I'm not exactly sold on the styling and the Cushions are back up for replacement.

    They are comfortable enough, But Do I put $600 into a set of couches that will last at least 10-15yrs more. Or do I plan to spend $1500+ on a sectional or theater seating row that may only last 5-10 years and be completely shot?
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    There's a lot of "it depends". How comfortable are they, and what's your budget? Do you like them? Will they do as something temporary, until when you are nearly finished? Does somebody else in the family want them?

    We had some furniture my wife liked, that I didn't find comfortable. She made the suggestion that I consider using it, but my backside said no. My daughter wanted it, and now, I'm sure it's happy in it's new home.
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