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Jun 28, 2001
Thats Simple! Americans want Dvd's!!! Dvds and movies are one of the things that make America so great!And everybody is jumping on the dvd band wagon.I got tons of good DVd in my collection so comon lets trade and make America Proud! USA Only .Items also for sale! Let me know how much ud give =)

My Collection
1-The Crow Collectors Series Box Set DTS
2-Die Hard Trilogy Box Set OOP[Original]
3-Total Recal Limited Edition Tin[WIdescreen]
4-Akira Limited Edition 2 disc set OOP
5-Haloween 5 Limited Edition Tin OOP
6-Evil Dead 2 Limited Edition Tin OOP
7-The Little Mermaid Limited Issue[Sealed]
8-ToyStory 2 pack[Sealed]
9-Meet the Parents Collectors Edition DTS
10-X-Men Special Edition
11-The Mummy The Ultimate Edition 2 dvd set DTS
12-Spawn New Line Platnium Series
13-Seven New Line Platnium Series 2 DVD Set DTS
14-Dracula 2000[Widescreen]
15-Bless the Child
16-Stir of Echoes
17-What Women Want
18-The Goonies Special Edition
19-What Lies Beneath Collectors Edition DTS[Widescreen]
20-Sin The Movie[Anime]
21-Road Trip DTS[R Verson]
22-Terminator 2 The Ultimate Edition 2 dvd Set DTS
23-Jurassic Park Collectors Edition DTS
24-Jurassic Park The Lost World Collectors Edition
25-Real Magic Dvd[Has tons of clips and trailors of various films]

Free Items!!![Adding more soon][1 Per trade]
Real Magic Dvd[Has trailors and clips from various films]

My Misc Collection
1-Sega Dreamcast Package-Comes with Sega Dreamcast System,
2 Controlers,2 Memory Cards,
2 Tremor Packs,Gameshark,
Dreamcast Laser Light Gun,
House of the dead 2,NHL 2K1,
MLB World Series 2K1 &2K2,
Fire Pro Wrestling D Limited Edition,
Resident Evil Code Verinicha,
WWF Royal Rumble,Sonic Adventure 2
Sanfransico rush 2049,Hoyal Casino,
Quake 3 Arena,Unreal Tournament,
Dave Mira Pro BMX Freestyle,
Sega Web Browser.

2-Tons of Books[Ask for list if interested]
3-Lots of Comic Books[Ask if interested]
4-Lots of Cd's[Ask if interested]
5-Lots of Computer Games and Programs[Ask if interested]
6-Dvd-Rom drive for the PC[Will trade for 2-4 dvds][Ask for info]
7-Peavy Preditor Eletric Guitar[Excellent Condition][Ask for info]
8-Lots of good Baseball cards[Ask if interested]
9-4 GIG Hard Drive[Will trade for 1 good dvd]

My Dvd Want List
1-Nightmare on Elmstreet Collection Box Set
2-The Alien Legacy Box Set
3-The Classic Monsters Collection Box Set
4-The Die Hard Ultimate Edition Box Set
5-The Scream Ultimate Collection Box Set
6-From Dusk Till Dawn Collection Box Set
7-The Oliver Stone Collection Box Set
8-The Stanly Kubric Collection Box Set
9-The Omen Collection Box Set
10-James Bond Box Sets[Any of them]
11-X-Files Season 1 Box Set
12-X-Files Season 2 Box Set
13-X-Files Season 3 Box Set
14-X-Files Season 4 Box Set
15-Simpsons Season 1 Collection Box Set
16-ToyStory The Ultimate ToyBox
17-The BatMan Legacy Box Set
18-The Lethal Weapon Legacy Box Set
19-Spawn The Ultimate Collection Box Set[Anime]
20-SouthPark Seasons Box Sets[Any of them]
21-The Eddy Murphy Collection Box Set
22-The Adam Sandler Collection Box Set
23-Maniac Limited Edition Tin
24-RepoMan Limited Edition Tin
25-Hellraiser 1/2 Limited Edition Tin
26-WickerMan Limited Edition with Wooden Box
27-Manhunter Limited Edition 2 DVD Set
28-Silence of the lambs Special Edition[Widescreen]
29-Hannibal Special Edition 2 DVD Set
30-A Knights Tale
31-The Forsakin
32-Along Came a Spider
33-The Mummy Returns Collectors Edition[Widescreen]
34-Exit Wounds
35-The Ladies Man
36-The Family Man
37-Star Wars Episode 1 The Phantom Mennice
38-Rush Hour 2
39-Scary Movie
40-Scary Movie 2
41-Final Fantasy The Spirits Within
43-Joe Dirt
44-The Fast and the Furious
45-The Grinch[Jim Carry Verson]
46-X-Files The Movie[Fight the Future]
47-Jurassic Park 3
48-The 6th Day
49-End of Days Collectors Edition
50-Lake Placid
51-Showgirls NC-17
52-The House 1/2
53-Angel Eyes
57-The Man who knew to little
58-The Puppet Master Collection Box Set
59-Any of the Haloween Movies Except for 5
61-The Bride of Chucky
62-SlapShot[Classic Hockey Comedy]
63-Chasing Amy Criterion Collection
64-Robocop Criterion Collection
65-Rushmore Criterion Collection
66-Armageddan Criterion Collection
67-The Rock Criterion Collection
68-Blood for Dracula Criterion Collection
69-Brazil Criterion Collection
70-Time Bandits Criterion Collection
71-Terminator Special Edition
72-American Pie 2
73-American Pie The Ultimate Edition [Unrated]
74-The Emperrors New Groove The Ultimate Edition
75-Lost Souls
76-Dark City New Line Platnium Series
77-Ghost in the Shell[Anime]
78-Vampire hunter D[Anime]
79-Other Anime Titles
80-Other Box Sets
81-Miss Congeinality[Sandra Bullcok movie]
82-Hollow Man
83-The Princess Bride Special Edition
84-The Gift
85-Enemy at the gates
86-Porn's[I prefer Amature stuff such as Hustler]
87-The Mexican
88-The Relic
89-The Pelican Breif
90-The SuperMan Collection Box Set
91-Blood the Last Vampire[Anime]
92-Haloween Limited Edition 2 disc set
93-Army of Darkness Limited edition 2 disc set
94-Army of darkness 2
95-Evil Dead 1
96-Tomb Raider
97-Freddy Got Fingured
98-Metaclia Cunning Stunts
99-Metaclia S&M
100-Creed Concert
101-Bon Jovi Crush Tour Concert
102-Alice in chains Unpluged concert

My Misc Want List
1-Sega Dreamcast Games
2-Sega Dreamcast Memory Cards
3-Sega Dreamcast Controler
4-Other Dreamcast Accesories
5-Cd-Rw Drive
6-LaserLight Mouse or Wireless Mouse and Wireless Keyboard
7-Sony Playstation 2 with games
8-Game Boy Advance with games
9-17-19 inch Computer Monitor

As you can clearly see I got tons for trade and tons I need so Make me some offers

Bill Balcziak

Supporting Actor
Aug 4, 1999
Edward--you are a case study in American consumerism. You're the kind of person who makes this a great country.
Well done!


Jun 28, 2001
Im not sure if thats a true compliment or a insult but hey Thankx either way :) Im not an American But I do know they love dvds!

Bill Balcziak

Supporting Actor
Aug 4, 1999
It was a compliment.
I'm convinced the only thing keeping this country from recession is the popularity of DVDs and home theater.

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