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What DLP does well with analog & 480 sources? (1 Viewer)

Brett Creider

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Oct 7, 2003

I should have $2,500 to play with for a TV. I went to Circuit City and looked around for 2 hours, and talked to 3 different sales guys.

1) I can't convince myself to get 1080p. The BlueRay DVDs look GOOD, but I can tell the film itself isn't 1080p, as it looks nothing like the demo DVDs for BlueRay. And that's about it for 1080p sources, BlueRay or HD DVD, neither one actually takes full use of 1080p.

2) Even looking at 720p sets, that are NON CRT, I can't seem to find one that can take a non 720p signal (whether it be 480i, 480p, etc) and make it look good. They all look pixelated. My dad's 3 year old Sony CRT HDTV does a much better job at playing a regular DVD from a progressive scan player...which is what I will be doing...because as far as I can tell the "upconverting" players look like crap on any set, but a CRT.

So...the non CRT HDTVs are good, if you are at their max resolution. Anything less, to me, looks bad. If someone can point out a DLP (or non CRT in general) TV that plays less-than-perfect sources well, I'd like to know.

Alon Goldberg

Jul 10, 2006
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Alon Goldberg
Brett - take a look at the JVC 56" HD-56FN97 ($2,500) and Sony 55" KDS-55A2000 ($2,200). These sets use LCoS technology, which will offer superior picture quality to Rear Projection DLP or LCD. They also do an excellent job displaying SD content, and offer 1080p for future HD DVD, Blu-Ray, Upconverting DVD or PS3.

Overview: http://www.projectorcentral.com/lcos.htm

Sony SXRD and JVC D-ILA are the two major manufacturers of LCoS sets.

Also, if Upconverting Players look like crap on any set you've seen then you are looking at the wrong players. Get yourself an Oppo 970, Oppo 971 or Denon DVD-1730, all of which are very capable budget Upconverting DVD players. Your eyes will thank you!

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