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What days will the nets announce what shows stay/go? (1 Viewer)

Valerie G.

Stunt Coordinator
Apr 29, 2004
It seems to me that last year all the networks announced what shows were being renewed and which ones were gone on separate days, like each network had it's own day to announce on.

Does anyone know when the networks will be announcing this year? Is it next week? I'm mainly interested in the CBS announcement, does anyone know exactly which day that will be on?

I'd appreciate any info!!

Thanks!! :)


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Jul 17, 2000
Upstate NY
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Those are called upfront presentations. This year's schedule is below, with the one you were most interested in in bold.

Monday, May 17:
NBC upfront presentations

Tuesday, May 18:
ABC upfront presentation
WB upfront presentation

Wednesday, May 19:
CBS upfront presentation

Thursday, May 20:
FOX upfront presentation
UPN upfront presentation

Source: http://www.dbstalk.com/calendar.php

Valerie G.

Stunt Coordinator
Apr 29, 2004
Thanks so much!! I really appreciate it!

I remember last year Zap2It.com had all this information way ahead of time, but they don't seem to have all the dates and stuff listed this year.

Thanks again!!!!!

Jason Seaver

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Jun 30, 1997
Do you truly believe Enterprise is any real danger? It'll be on the schedule next year; the only mystery is whether or not there will be a new Executive Producer and/or a budget cut.

Bill Williams

May 28, 2003
May 20th will certainly be most interesting for Enterprise fans. While I'm hoping that it will return for a fourth season, I won't be surprised if it gets the axe. The continuously low ratings, as a result of shows like American Idol and Smallville, the hit-and-miss quality of the episodes, and the reduced number of production episodes this year are signs that it may not come back. Add to it the fact that they're resolving the year-long Xindi arc in the season (series?) finale episode, "Zero Hour", and that would be a good place to end it.

But Rick Berman and Dominic Keating, among others, are vocally optimistic that it'll return in the fall. If Enterprise does return, they'll have a lot to up the ante on in the aftermath of the Xindi arc in order to keep things going in the fourth season. It could be picked up for future seasons by another cable network. The Sci-Fi Channel would be a nice place to have new episodes of Enterprise if UPN doesn't pick it up.

Still, the original Star Trek series went into syndication with only 79 episodes, and it's held up over the past 35 years in syndication. Ditto for The Honeymooners, with only the "classic" 39 episodes, for the past 40-50 years. So it wouldn't be a bad thing if Enterprise ended with 76 episodes and then went into syndication. It nearly happened with TNG back in 1987-88. They'd said that if TNG didn't make it, those 13 episodes would have been circulated into syndication along with the original 79. Ratings, however, proved otherwise, and it went seven years, spawned four feature films and two spinoff series of its own in the same time frame.

And that's another possibility: direct first-run syndication a la TNG and DS9. Those series did quite well in first-run syndication, so it's possible that Enterprise could do well in the same kind of first-run syndication approach if given the chance. That way Paramount would have complete control over the show's run and it wouldn't be under the auspices of a network.

Those are just random thoughts, I will admit. But it'll be interesting, nonetheless, to see what happens on May 20th.

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