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What crimp handles are you guys using with the Canare die (TC-D-5CF)? (1 Viewer)

Phu Vo

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Aug 25, 2000
Hi guys. I am going to take another stab at making DYI video cables. My last attempt was successful (functionality-wise), but since I did not have the right die, it was pretty ugly. Think of a tootsie roll or bow tie and you will get the picture of what the crimp looks like. I went to Graybar near my work to see if they had a pair of crimp handles that I could pick up, but the clerk said that I run the risk of buying handles that might not work with the Canare die. The Canare handles are around 75 bucks. More than I would like to spend. But Chris White's website states that a pair of $19 handles from partsexpress.com works with the die. And I notice others here that have said they use different handles still.

My question is, what handles are you guys using with the Canare TC-D-5CF die? Where did you buy them from and how much?

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