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Sep 13, 2008
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I've moved back into a rented room and will be here for some time. It is a fair sized room, but also has my bed, desk, and work bench in it as well, so I know my room acoustics wont be best, but there is nothing I can do about that.

The problem I am having is, where should I place my speakers? I am using a RCA 700W 5.1 HT in a box. The majority of the time I use it for playing XBox or watching movies. I have the audio connected with digital Monster Cables (All of my cables are MC since I can get them dirt cheap). Also I do know how to setup the delay of my speakers, the receiver makes it pretty easy.

The speakers are currently placed near each corner with directions from the HT in a box. However, my room's length and width seem to be opposite to how they show a room layout. I am unable to rearrange the furniture to place it how it should be. It seems as though I should be bringing my speakers in closer, but I cant exactly have them on stands in the middle of the room since its already a little cramped as it is.

Should I leave the speakers where they are? Or should I try ceiling mount? If i mount them to the ceiling, they will be placed in proper locations, but I've herd that doing so, I will loose quality.

What compromise should I make? I would have tried the ceiling mount and experimented with it to see, but the mounts are a little pricey for such an experiment.

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