What color temp do you use? (6500K)

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    I've been playing with my TV and adjust all sorts of settings. I've used the S&V setup disc for my tests and in this dvd they say that I should set my tv temp setting to 6500K or to the "warm" setting for sony tv's. I've found that while this setting is good for movies and provides a more film-like look that I don't like it for regular TV or video games. One reason is because the white isn't white, it has an orangish tint to it. Also the picture isn't as sharp as the other settings and I don't really like this setting for regular TV or games, or anything else but movies. So I wanted to know what setting do you guys use for TV;do you guys like the warm setting or do you use something else?

    Daniel Smith
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    I may be somewhat of a heretic, but I only use the warm setting for dvd and HD. For regular tv I use Neutral.
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    Michael Chen

    Until you get your TV properly calibrated, it doesn't really matter which setting you use onthe TV, be it warm, neutral, medium, cool, etc ...

    Often times, warm is cooler than medium or cool ...

    Choose what works best for you.

    Although ... typically in warm mode, the SVM is turned off ...

    In the other modes, it could be active ... which might account for the "sharpness" you see in the other modes. Nothing like adding artificial edges to your images.

    Regular cable is generally so variable that it doesn't matter what setting the TV is on.


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