What causes a soft picture?

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    What causes a soft picture? I've noticed in the 3 weeks since I've got my set (Toshiba 50HDX82) the picture has seemed to soften up quite a bit when I watch DVDs. The HD signals still look fantastic but the DVD has seemed to deteroriate. It is apparent when objects on screen are smaller and in the background, larger objects still appear to be sharp. My set is being fed an interlaced signal from a Panasonic RV31. I'm not sure how to fix this? I've also noticed that when I do the 9 pt convergence the individual points seem to be looser than when I first did the convergence, it's impossible to get the crosshairs to be as tight as before. I've planned to buy an overlay and do the 56pt. convergence this weekend, could this cure the problem? Also as a side note does the 56pt convergence fix geometry problems? I've heard a lot about Geometry problems although I'm not aware of having any.

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    Convergence and geometry wander over the first 100 or so hours of an RPTV's life. That's why the experts here don't recommend an ISF calibration until after the set has 100 hours or more on it.

    You don't really need a template to set the geometry, but if you want to add that level of precision, go ahead. You can see how the geometry is on your set just by looking at the onscreen pattern.

    Yes, the 56-point convergence will help you fix the geometry. Turn off the blue and red guns, and adjust the green gun for the straightest lines. Then turn the red and blue back on and adjust them to the green.

    It's easy, but it's fairly time-consuming.

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