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What are you feelings about violent movies? (1 Viewer)


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Mar 4, 2001
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I'm generally not disturbed by most violence, but I don't necessarily enjoy it. And as I've gotten older, my interest in violent movies just for the sake of the violence has decreased.
I enjoy the violence in movies for two general reasons, as others said:
- Because it's part of an overall high-energy movie, bringing tension, excitement, etc. The Matrix or T2 works for me. Black Mask didn't work for -- it was overkill (sorry).
- It supports the film, thematically. American History X has a couple of extremely distressing scenes, to me. But the violence is critical to the movie's themes. Likewise Robocop and Three Kings. But I find Mortal Kombat even more distressing, from its wholly flippant depiction of death.
And, like others, there are various things that upset me, and other things that are just gross, that I don't want to see, even if part of the greatest movie ever made.

Darren Davis

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Oct 9, 2001
well, I just see violence in movies as being...just a movie. Even though some violence still affects me more than other (Toxic Avenger comes to mind because I saw it when I was about 5 years old and I never want to see it again) I still remind myself that it's all just a movie. I will agree that overly gratuitous violence and extremely realistic violence aren't always needed but certain movies (The Matrix) use it to highten the excitement of the movie, which I think is fine because it's so over-the-top. Subliminal images, etc. (The Exorcist) actually stir me more than violence...but that's what movies do: take our emotions to new places.
p.s. Kyle, painless way to die? People who were sentenced to execution by beheading usually weren't killed on the first blow. It sometimes took 2,3, or more hits to decapitate them. In fact, families of the convicted usually paid the executioner to sharpen his blade to make the death quick while enemies of the convicted paid him to make it blunt.

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