What are they pressing now?

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  1. John Tillman

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    Feb 2, 1999
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    OK, both hybrid manufacturing facilities have been humming away pressing the 22 Stones albums while everything else gets backlogged.

    So now the 27th is almost here, they will probably switch gears and move on to other titles. How do they figure out the pecking order? Who are the players here and who has the clout to determine what titles are more important than others? Sony is a big player for sure but don't they own the plants do they?

    Just thought it would be an interesting discussion.
  2. Emil Stoica

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    Well all the Sony releases are single layer discs so they do not get in the way of the Sonopress backlog caused by the Stones discs. For a good idea of titles upcoming, you can check 2 places. For multichannel releases, go here:
    Multichannel Coming Soon
    and for stereo, go here (this is my site):
    Stereo Coming Soon

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