what are the chances of getting user definable menus for low end SLRs

Discussion in 'Photography' started by brentl, Aug 4, 2005.

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    After all the recent studying I have done in regards to low end digital SLRs I still wonder why camera makers don't allow the user to set the camera up the way they want.

    I was looking at my buddies d70 and I set it to manual. Wouldn't it makes sense if the front wheel operated the shutter speed and the rear offer aperture adjustment?

    I still find it hard to operate a digital camera without taking my eye away from the viewfinder, and that really holds me back from buying one. If stuff was made more intuitively I'd be happy.

    The Harmony line of remote controls has been a huge success, but I wonder why other manufacturers haven't offered user definable menus and functions.


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    The D70 let's you change that in its custom menu. There are a bunch of other customizations you can make there.

    I prefer it the default way myself since I usually shoot in aperture priority and am more likely to change the exposure comp than the aperture at any given moment. Even in manual mode, for the kind of shooting I tend to do, I'm more likely to change shutter speed than aperture from shot to shot.


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