What are some good nature/music CDs?

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  1. Jeffrey Noel

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    I am a huge fan of the music/nature sounds hybrid genre, however I only have a few cds that are of this type. I have several songs on my mp3 playlist that I listen to over and over. My favorite is a Solitudes title called "Inner Musings" which has a piano playing with frogs, birds, and other nature sounds in the background. I have some with a "babbling brook" in the background, thunderstorms(which I LOVE), and birds, so I'm looking for recommendations/suggestions in this category.

    Anyone have a favorite they'd like to suggest?

  2. Zen Butler

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    Zen K. Butler
    Never really liked much of the nature hybrid. I do though have a cd by Steve Roach-Slow Heat (my favorite artist). Who outside his Tucson studio, ran cables about 200 ft. outside his property and recorded the album mentioned. There are many ambient sounds that push through. Also his praised double-cd Dreamtime Return has many Aboriginal ambient and traditional sounds. There are plenty of MP3 and RealAudios on the net by this artist to sample.

    Sorry I can't help in your specific category.

    NP: Dot Allison-Afterglow
  3. James_S

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    Nov 3, 2000
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    I know Laserlight Digital puts out several 5 cd packs with nature sounds and the such I have several of those the are great mood music :b. One of my favorites is Thundering Rainstorms (enhanced with music) released in 1993 by Pilz Entertainment.


    NP: Louie Bellson's Magic 7 - Air Bellson

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