What are full band speakers!

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    Hi, i recently got the Onkyo 606 and i have these front speakers SS MF315
    the automatic calibration is setting them to full band

    Does this mean that they are set to output the base as well as high frequency audio?
    Is that a good configuration?

    Note that a i have a small base with them SA W305 so an extra help on that base is needed i guess!

    The center is: SS-CN290
    and back channels are: SS-SRX7
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    The full band setting means that all of the signal in that channel is going to the speaker. So with this setting, only the true LFE signal (which is a separate channel) is going to the subwoofer.

    Auto-calibration systems often have problems correctly setting the sub. I'm not sure what calibration system the 606 has (and I'm too lazy to look it up), but the message is don't assume it knew what it was doing.

    On the other hand, your sub is on the smaller side, so the calibration may have decided that it couldn't handle all the low end.

    The standard approach is to always set the speakers to "small" (not full band) when using a sub. But you are on the cusp of which is better. There is no harm is using it either way, so the best advice is to try it both ways and see which one sounds best to you. If you try using the small setting, set the cross-over around 80 Hz.
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    If I remember correctly the 606 has 2eq.

    Essentially the 606 is saying that it "wants" to allow the front speakers to handle 20-20k. Sure, fine. You have two sound modes for that(direct and pure direct).

    But you would rather set the crossover somewhere between 40hz and 80hz. Anything between there is correct (for that pair of speakers you have).

    If you find other forums out there with "my AVR sets my speakers large, why?" posts...

    That goes back to the genius(sarcasm) decision to call "included in the bass management" as small. And "not included in the bass management" as large.

    Onkyo stepped a bit outside that by calling "not included in the bass management" being "full band" which is a more accurate term. Audyssey(not Onkyo, Denon or NAD) is notorious on 2eq models to set the main speakers "weird". Change it up to what you want.

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