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Jun 23, 2008
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Glenn Larsen
Hi all, this is my second post after becoming a member last night.
Bet I gave away my age there, huh? JFK still had 6 months to live on my birthday. This is my first real effort at building a home theater, and this is what I have so far. An NAD T762 Receiver from ebay ($400 incl s/h), came as new with everything included, eg: both remotes, manual, orig box . Top of the line ($750 msrp) Yamaha DVD/CD with all the gucci DACs. Nad carousel cd player. Just last night bought a pair of Infinity Primus p362 ($300 shipped from frys) for fronts (Thanks Gene), and I still have my AR TSW-610 60-lb'ers !!, purchased in West Germany before the Berlin wall came down ('89). just refoamed too (looking to sell). Mids/rears, several choices for each, I have a new pair of JBL l830's ($130 shipped, ebay), new polk monitor 40's, and a mint bose am-5 series 1 system which, in my opinion, DOES help to widen the sound field, and I have three centers, a new polk CS1, a new-er Bose VC-10, and a Jamo A3.
And finally, A polk psw12 sub 260 watt.
My questions is about the sub. On the rear of my receiver, it appears to have two sub rca connections (sub1, sub2) and the back of my sub has numerous connections, RCA, LFE, and regular speaker jacks. What is the best way to hook this up? I see sub cables, prob need one of those right?, but then I see a splitter, y-type adapter on the end of some, some come with a y connector, some don't.
Would someone please give me some advice on how to hook this up? whats the best way? Just want some idea before I go and buy something I don;t need. Is one way better? I'm not totally inept though, can't I just use a two-male-end sub cable and go from one of my sub-outs on the recv and use the other end to the single LFE port? I might add, this system will be used for music and movies. Can someone tell me where to get the best deals on cables and speaker cable, please? Thanks very much for your aadvice/help in advance.
PS, does it ever end?, The wanting/buying of electronics or am I hopelessly (albeit happily) lost?:cool:
Glad to be here, take care all.-Glenn


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Aug 22, 2000
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SUB1 out from your receiver to LFE in on your receiver. Use a quality sub cable from Monoprice or Bluejeans Cables. Monster and other store brands are overpriced. I just checked Best Buy during lunch for HDMI cables. Models under 5 feet ranged from $45 to $153. I bought four 3ft HDMI cables from Monoprice for a TOTAL of $12.

For most it becomes an endless search for ultimate sound and video quality that is only held in check by your budget (or lack thereof). I was hooked when I bought a stereo VCR using high school graduation money back in '87. I'm at the point that I would rather build as much equipment as possible so that I know what kind of quality is going into it. I'm building my 3rd set of speaker for my media room and never completed the subs before starting my current ones. I even have 30+ subs and over 500 pounds of magnets to build even more in storage.



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Jun 20, 2000
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Robert had a typo there, it is SUB1 out on the receiver to LFE in on your SUB. To clarify, use the LFE in on the sub since it is designed for the dedicated sub out from the receiver. One additional option for sub cables if the run is long is plain old RG6 (coax antenna cable) with RCA adapters on the end. Incredibly cheap and as good or better than any other option.

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