What $350-$400 TV is good, I'll give my requirements..

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    Hi, I need a new TV because the one I got for Xmas last year as a gift doesn't supply my greed (has no S-Video or component input, just one set of RCA and cable jack)
    I need one that is nice looking, black, flat tube (not the round kind), needs Svideo input, 2 sets of A/V RCA jacks, and a set of component inputs, oh yea; digital comb filter and possibly above 600 horizontal lines.O ya, has to be 27"
    Thanks in advance
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    That's a fairly tall order for your given budget, but being a 27", may be obtainable.
    Have you looked at the Philips or RCA/GE's? Maybe a used Sony?
    I have a 32" GE with black tube, Digital comb filter(which is overridden by S-Video, and Component anyway)S-Video, 2 RCA inputs, RCA outputs, Guide plus(on screen TV guide, pretty cool) for $300 at Circuit City on sale with rebate.
    No Component and not flat screen though. But surprisingly remarkable Picture Quality.
    Also I suspect this thread will be moved to the TV/Projector section.
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