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wharfedale WH-2 Speakers (1 Viewer)


Apr 21, 2003
These speakers look really good and the price is very appealing to me, but I haven't had a chance to hear them yet. If anybody has any experience with them I would love to hear your comments.


Apr 25, 2003
I've heard them!

While I'm a long-time audio listner I'm new to HT and this forum. So take this with a grain of salt.

Just helped my Dad with 5.1 setup. Mains were Wharfedale Emerald 99s, Emerald center. Def Tech 100TL sub. HK AVR-525. Samsung DLP 43" and 160 HD sat box.

Had pretty much blown the budget and still needed surrounds. Because of the room shape and seating arrangement they had to go on the rear wall--so bipoles made sense. For $100 the pair what could you lose?

First off, build was much better than expected. They are solid--heavy for their size. His are maple finished--I think vinyl, but attractive. And the drivers appeared to be of the same high quality as the Emerald drivers. With the nice silk dome tweeters. Easy to hang on the wall.

They sounded fine. The airplane fly-overs in North by Northwest were terrific. But what was even better were scenes with rain falling all around or flack exploding around the plane in Band of Brothers. You felt right in the middle of it.

All the Wharfs sounded superb. The Em 99s by themselves (stereo) with an HDCD are fantastic. Center is great for movies.

I wish I had put some regular program material through the WH-2s alone, that way I could better answer your question. But I can say that I will be ordering a set for myself to go with my Allison Four mains and the Sherwood Newcastle R-956 I just ordered from E-cost. Would have ordered the WH-2s too but they are currently out of stock (now only $64/pair).

It seems like all the Wharfedale products are providing outlandish bang for the buck returns at the moment. Wonderful sounding speakers--for very little money. Add me to the Wharfedale club too.


Apr 21, 2003

Thank you very much for your reply.

If anybody else has any experience with them, please post. Also, would these sound good for the traditional sidwall mount instead of the rear wall?


Second Unit
Nov 2, 1998
I just put these up today (took only about 2 minutes to throw them up on the wall and replace the speakers I'd previously been using.

Build quality is surprisingly good for the price (They weigh about 9-10 pounds and I got the black speakers; I think they come in different looks). The sound they offer leads me to believe they should cost more then they do; while I doubt they'd compete with much more expensive speakers, they do throw out a very wide and full sound - they're enveloping and rich, but also provide good fine details. In a 10ft x 10ft room, I practically feel like I'm hearing a 360 degree experience on aggressive mixes like "Blue Crush". Adding in the back surround I have for 6.1 (not a bipole - I would buy another one of these Wharfedales if they were sold separately) makes for an even more immersive experience.

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