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Dec 17, 2003
Ok, I'm still in college and have a very modest ht setup. It is very much a patchwork system with nothing timbre matched. I presently do not have a sub. I have an extremely limited budget. I entirely plan to purchase an SVS or Hsu within the next 4-5 years (when grad school is over and I have a job), but for now I'd like to ask about Wharfedale subs.

I could pick up a Wharfedale DX-10 or DX-12 for just a little more than the Dayton 10" from PartsExpress. The numbers on the Wharfedale's are pretty good, but I haven't heard one.

I know several members have Wharfedale speakers, but I have not heard a sub mentioned. Anyone have experience with one of these, or with other Wharfedale subs?


Sep 24, 2004
Has anyone heard or do you own one of the Wharfedale subs? Opinions on any of these (powercube) would be great.


Geoff L

Dec 9, 2000
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Hi Seth

Review of complete system & DX-12 sub

Dead link removed

How much more would you be spending for the DX-12 over the Dayton TMII??

Are you in the US or Canada???

Both, the (TM-II/DX-12) are spec'ed very simalar and if true, the spec's that is, basic ported sub physics tell one, the DX-12 should move more air.
Definitely not a "sure thing" due to lack of info, primarly lack of both drivers linear xmax.

I have not heard either the DX-10 or 12" but generaly Wharf is pretty fair with their seaker/sub specs. With out question the build qualitiy of the Wharf (DX sub's only) are much nicer than the TM-II and better looking.
This is their upper line (ugg) of subs (aside from the EVO-12 if you can find it) and the only ones worth looking at (if you can buy it right)! Same with the EVO tho, nice sub, but rolls off quicky after 30Hz and not a spl producer by any means.

The MSRP and selling price found at most e-tailers makes them DX-subs a poor selction & for that kid of change you can do much better.
Wharf is not known for great subs like some of their well rated/reviewed speaker lines like the (Diamond, Pacific, Evo, Emerald, that offer allot for a little.
The Opus line is getting allot of respected press since their release just recently. "NO sub" in that line as of yet, tho one may be released, but would not hold my breath on it or it's possible performace.

At a Calif bass meet the Wharf DX-12 bested the Velo CHT-12. I can not give you info on how that decision came about. An HTF member is the one that posted this info while listing his progression of subs, till buying a SVS. Which he then made very clear this was a huge upgrade.

He did tho put the Warf DX-12 above the Velo CHT-12 and considered it an upgrade, (impressive if true), tho a minior up-grade I'd imagine. I'd like to hear his opinons on how he came to this conclusion and if this was just threw his hearing/using them, or a combo of actual measuring, usuage, and eventualy the opinion/conclusion he came to..

Maybe/hopefully someone will come in that has or had either the 12 or 10 of the Wharf DX subs now or recently and give some actual user opinion/input/measurements/etc..

Sorry that I can't give you a personal opinion,,,, aside from these are the only subs Wharf currently builds worth looking at, (if priced very right).
This is JMO of course..


Darrin W-G

Jul 7, 2003
I own a powercube 12 and to be blunt. If you want WOW factor don't waste your money. I listened to The Empire Strikes Back DVD @ -5 below Ref Level and the AT-AT scene walking is weak to say the least.. My sub is calibrated to 75dBC using the reciever's internal test tones.

My Audio Equipment List:

Wharfedale Diamond 8.4
Wharfedale Diamond 8 Center
Wharfedale Daimond Diffuse Surround x 4
Wharfedale Power Cube 12
Pioneer VSX AX3 Reciever
Philips DVD727k
Ixos Toslink & Interconnects

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