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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by ralm, Sep 12, 2005.

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    Jan 20, 2005
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    hi, would a wharfedale diamond 9.4 speaker match w/ my yamaha avr 75w? have heard wharfs speakers are hard to drive. i plan on getting both 9.4 and 9cs. thanks
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    Dec 9, 2000
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    Don't know what the spl @1w/1m is on any of the Wharf Diamond 9 series is.

    Assuming their similar to the last Diamond 8's or Emerald-MKIV (86db to 89db) it would be dependent on the size of your room, at what spl level you like to listen, and if a sub is going to be used.

    If you run the speaks small and have a powered subwoofer taking over from their, it will ease the load on the Yammi as it now will only be driving the midbass/midange and up freqs. (crossover selected dependent)

    Tho the Yammi says 75-watts a channel I don't know if it's been tested and what it's true output power watt wise is. If you have a 2000cf^³ or smaller room, use a sub with speaks set small and listen below Ref volume, (most do), I'd "imagine" you'll have no problem what so ever.
    I don't with 80-watts a channel and a couple DIY subs using (88db) speaks set to small/60Hz. No strain whats so ever and play louder than I care to listen, -10 no problem in a 2480cf^³ room..

    If you have access to demoing the speaks, drag your receiver in and a spl meter and do some listening and basic spl-measuring to get a more realistic idea of what to expect both spl and sound wise (with and without a sub).

    And yes, most Wharfs are somewhat power hungry speaks. Never hurts to have more clean power/headroom driving any speaker...

    Hope that helps some...


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