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Wharfedale Powercube 12 or JBL PB12? (1 Viewer)

Chris Shelly

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Dec 16, 2001
A few weeks ago I ordered a complete Wharfedale set. Everything I ordered was on backorder. Almost everything is in and the DFS surround speakers should be in Tuesday.

I did receive an e-mail saying the Powercube 12 has been recalled. Apparently they have a really high defect rate and Wharfedale is redesigning them. The new design is not going to be available until mid June.

They offered to substitute a JBL PB12 subwoofer witch I already have. The PB12 I already have will be installed in another room when the other set arrives. So I am still in the market for another sub woofer.

My question is should I take the PB12 or wait for the Powercube 12 from Wharfedale? A a rule of thumb I try to keep everything the same brand for tonal balance. This is usually not an issue with sub woofers however except in extreme cases. Crossover points is a bigger issue and the PB12 is fully adjustable.


Geoff L

Dec 9, 2000
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Unless they do something to "deepen the freq response & output" (aside from fixing the defect of which I know nothing about), I'd recomend you take the offered JBL.
This, if you are forced to take just one or the other. Of course just my opinion....

I highly doubt they would re-design the whole sub considering the cost that would be involved. The most easy/cheap fix for what ever the problem, is what will most likely been done.
Just a good guess....;)

If your getting the matched wood veneer of your other Wharfs with the sub and this is extremly important, then you will have to make the decision.

The Wharf sub your looking at drops like a rock around 30hz and the bass quality and output is nothing get excieted about. The Same Money would buy you "much better bass" in another sub product.
The power cube series is a week point in the speaker system if going all round Wharfs, then using a power cube to fill the bottom end...

You also know already what the JBL will do.
If you have not already, you may try to find all the user/mag reviews you can to read up on what others think of the P-cube your waiting on.

It may make your decision a little easier.....


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