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Wharfedale Pacific Evolution......Opinions needed (1 Viewer)


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Jan 14, 2003
My younger brother just purchased his first home and is looking for a home theatre system (5.1). He really likes my Axioms, but doesn't want to 'copy' his older bro by purchasing the same gear. Now that Axiom is out, we have narrowed it down to three choices:

Paradigm Monitor series (floorstanding mains)
PSB Image series (floorstaning mains)
Wharfedale Pacific Evolution series(floorstanding mains)

We both prefer the Wharfedale as far as styling. But styling only goes so far. He isn't into music much so these will be mainly for home theatre.

For those of you that have heard all three, how do you think they stack up against one another?

Geoff L

Dec 9, 2000
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The sound of the EVO's will be very different than the well respected Axioms.

The Evo's are built like a tank, pretty to look at as you have made note, top line WBT Bi-amp Bi-wire posts, curved cabinets, heavy internal cross hatch bracing, and come in real wood veneers.

They have a more laid back high end you many times find in your Britt born speaks. NOT dull and lifeless by any means, but a softer high frequency presentation. Some may mistake this for dull and lifeless when compared to say Horns or the Axioms you mentioned for instance.
The Axioms have been said to be very detailed on the high end, this can make a great recording sound fantastic and poorer ones sometimes nearly unbearable to listen to.

They the (EVO's), like a fair amount of "Clean Power" to get them to sing and would recomened you definitly listen to them before purchasing anything!

The PSB's would probley be considered a little more toward the Wharf's sound and the Digm's a little more toward the Axiom.
This is not to say they are going to sound just like them, (they don't) but if trying to place them some where this would be my best guess....

Certainly listen to all of them if possible, ~{as speakers are so subjective to the person listening}~!

All the choices you are looking at are fine speakers and only the buyer can make that final decision to lay the money down.
Can you in home demo any or all of the speakers you/he is looking at????
If not, take you favorite music and DVD selections to the dealer and do some serious demoing on gear "(the same as his, or as close as possible)"....

IMO the PSBs and Wharfs are more toward the sound I prefer, but I'm not buying and it's really irrelavent what I may think or prefer! ;)



Jun 2, 2003
A few weeks ago I demo'ed the Paradigm mini monitors and Monitor 7's vs the Wharfedale Evo 20's, both with the PDR-12. The Evo 20's were much more detailed. The paradigms had more bass, but I preferred the Evo's. My plan was to go with

Evo 20's
Wharfedale center
Evo 8's for rear

However, in doing research here and AVS forum, I'm considering looking at the Axiom Epic Grand System, and replace the sub w/ a HSU VTF-2. I'm waiting for my 45TX to be shipped.

I'm considering going back to the dealer to ask if they'd let me bring in the Axiom's to demo. If that doesn't work, I'll buy em and try at home.


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Jan 14, 2003
I ended up finding a Wharfedale dealer in my area....and only minutes from where I work. That worked out nice. I auditioned the Evo's (the second largest tower) and they were very very good, but too laid back for my own personal taste. I prefer a more forward and detailed sound presentation....I suppose that is why I am an Axiom fan.

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