West Wing (the last two weeks)

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    Can someone summarize what's happened on the last two episodes of the West WIng? I missed them.
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    The main thrust was that the White House was negotiating a continuing Resoultion for the Budget which hinged on a capital gains tax cut. The republicans made a deal for a 1% cut, but then on the last day of the old budget they sat down at the table and demanded a 3% cut.

    Bartlet balked at the new house speaker, Halsey (I think), and let the federal goverment shutdown. He felt since they had a deal at 1% to suddenly try the stunt was a major power play, and would make the President weak.

    Leo had Josh sit the whole thing out due to his recent snafu, but after 3 days of a shut down allowed him back in the game. He advised the President to walk up the hill and meet with the Republican leadership. They kept him waiting outside while they formulated a plan, but waited too long. Josh had already advised the President to leave, in front of a slew of reporters, painting the republicans as non-cooperative and winning the support of the voters.

    With his new collateral from the stunt, Bartlet is able to negotiate a new budget, making the Continuin Resolution moot, effectively regaining his confidence after the Zoe kidnapping.

    The only other incident of note was that Abbey came back, at the behest of Leo, and she's the one that suggested Jed let Josh back in the game.

    Overall, it was a pretty good arc. Not quite as good as years past, but enough to sell me on the regime change and keep watching. It seem John Wells and his staff have found their groove.

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