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Jan 7, 2014
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michael mcgee
I want my money back? I just received my anaglyph version of Fort Ti from dvdrparty. I received some bonuses with it . DVD anaglyph version of both House of wax and Sangaree. I had also received a sampler. Why did they add two features as a free gift? I was surprised that both features were the same digitally restored versions that I got on Blu- ray ,except it was anaglyph versions. They both looked like the way they looked when I play them in my Blu Ray 3D burner player in my computer on the anaglyph mode from the DVD win player app 13. They had two pairs of 3D glasses ,red right blue left,which I added to my bag of collection of 3D glasses. Well when I played fort Ti it was from an analog transfer. The 3D was not very sharp ,but, the medium and close up shots were sharper. Night time scenes it was hardly notice cause of the analog. The best 3D scenes were the valley scene where George is taking Joan to his French friend. Now this was not the the best 3D presentation ,but, it was better than nothing. It was better in 3D. I can only hope that Columbus will give an okay one day to the 3D archives to restore this digitally ,including the recreation of the stereo mix, for Blu ray hopefully in two versions polaroid and anaglyphic. The sampler included digital versions of 3D trailers in blue left,red right and a colorized version an 3d Coverted 2d Three stooges classic.
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