Went to the dentist today.

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    Jun 30, 1999
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    I have been dreading going to the dentist this year because I know I need to get two crowns on my back molars (I know this because one of them is cracked, so I avoid chewing on the right side of my mouth). I went in for a dental cleaning, got good marks on my dental health score with 98%, just got a bit of plaque on one tooth. It's amazing what flossing daily will do to prevent daily plaque build-up.

    Anyhow, in 3 weeks I go in for the two crowns, and damn, they are expensive! This is yet another awesome receiver that I won't be buying due to the crowns (I could almost buy a Denon 5802/3 for what I'm paying for the crowns).

    I'm hoping to recoup some costs from my polybutylene pipe replacment I had to do last month. This is shaping up to be a really expensive stretch of months for me. And yet, I still can't stop myself from buying DVDs!
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    How do you have money left for either the receiver or the dentist after your wallet busted open, spilling all of your cash? [​IMG]
    Do what I do...after watching Marathon Man 18 years ago, I never went back to the dentist. I just brush my teeth 6 times a day. As for the missing teeth, I've saved hundreds by not having to buy a flute.

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