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    I find my tape ejected this morning, and wonder why it didn't autorepeat like it was supposed to. I used to leave the radio on when I was asleep earlier in my life, but now I've switch to 8 hour tapes of my favorite animated shows. I've seen 'em so many times anyway, it'll help me get to sleep quicker [​IMG].
    However, I noticed that the blasted thing had been chewed up and spit out. So, I took the tape apart to do a little temporary surgery, and noticed that the left side, that contained all the tape, was DENTED. At first, I thought it somehow melted into the other layers, but it was actually dented somehow, as if someone put a big thumb into it's side and pushed in. That's never happened before, but it's just affirmed my reasoning to get a DVD Reocrder last week [​IMG].
    Speaking of wich, would it hurt my DVD player if I left it running a few hours during the night, and gave it a rest during the 12 hour day? I want to ditch my second VCR, and keep it here at the Jersey Shore, using my main one at home for all the important stuff...
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    When I worked in retail We had our Display DVD players on 12 hours a day 7 days a week. I then purchased one of them and still got 3 years out of it.

    To Answer your question I don't see a problem running it for a few hours. That was what it was made to do.
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    I think a lot of electronics have finite lifespan in terms of years, rather than in terms of use. So, if treated well, a DVD player could probably last for 5-10 years, wheter its used for 4 hours a day, or 4 hours a week.

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