Well, maybe I will get a 4K HDTV... Sony to do 4K downloads

Discussion in 'Streaming and Digital Media' started by Kevin Collins, Jul 19, 2013.

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    Wow... I never really thought that a studio would step up and provide movies in 4K. Well, Sony is doing that for "movie downloads" this fall via its Video Unlimited service.

    Previously, 4K TV owners could only get native 4K content from Sony's 4K media server, which is delivered to users with the content pre-loaded. Any content updates are done manually through a hard-wire connection.

    I'm not really 100% clear on all of this as Video Unlimited is a streaming service. Streaming downloads, which was specifically called out in the press release. Also, after going to Video Unlimited's web site it appears that you can only stream to Sony devices. Many of the devices referenced certainly don't have enough storage to download a 4K movie. Also, what happens with bandwidth issues?

    It's kind of funny... Sony was one of the biggest Blu-ray supporters during the format wars. Now they release 4K on a streaming service and not on the format that was going to take us all into the future....

    So, does anyone have one of the compatible devices that will be willing to step us this fall and tell us what the native 4K content looks like?
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