Well Go U.S.A. Press Release: Young Detective Dee (DVD)

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    “Easily on par with any of the effects-laden tentpoles from the LA industry of late, Tsui Hark's finely attuned vision of epic fantasy consistently bewilders the senses.”

    – Simon Foster, SCREEN-SPACE


    “Raising the bar sky-high for Chinese blockbuster entertainment, Tsui Hark’s ‘Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon’ lays out a gargantuan feast of … high-wire martial arts, splendiferous period aesthetics, intelligent sleuthing and even an ancestor of ‘Pacific Rim’s’ kaiju.”

    – Maggie Lee, VARIETY




    Available February 11th on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital


    Critically-Acclaimed, International Box Office Smash

    from Director Tsui Hark and Starring Angelababy and Mark Chao



    PLANO, TEXAS.  (December 10, 2013) – From legendary action director Tsui Hark (Flying Swords of Dragon Gate) comes the international blockbuster YOUNG DETECTIVE DEE: RISE OF THE SEA DRAGON, debuting on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital February 11th from Well Go USA Entertainment. The action-packed, martial arts extravaganza follows Dee Renjie's beginnings in the Imperial police force. His very first case, investigating reports of a sea monster terrorizing the town, reveals a sinister conspiracy of treachery and betrayal, leading to the highest reaches of the Imperial family. The prequel to Hark's 2010 Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame stars Angelababy (Tai Chi ZeroTai Chi Hero), Mark Chao (So YoungCaught in the Web), William Feng (White VengeanceTai Chi Hero), Carina Lau (Let the Bullets Fly), newcomer Lin Gengxin, Kim Beom (Fly HighThe Gifted Hands), and Hu Dong (TV’s “Swordsman”).



    From legendary action director Tsui Hark and the creators of the international smash hit DETECTIVE DEE: MYSTERY OF THE PHANTOM FLAME comes the captivating tale of Dee Renjie’s beginnings in the Imperial police force. His very first case, investigating reports of a sea monster terrorizing the town, reveals a sinister conspiracy of treachery and betrayal, leading to the highest reaches of the Imperial family.


    YOUNG DETECTIVE DEE: RISE OF THE SEA DRAGON has a runtime of approximately 134 minutes and is not rated.


    For more information, please visit www.wellgousa.com.




    Catalog #: WGU01499B

    Catalog #: WGU01498D

    UPC Code: 812491014998

    UPC Code: 812491014981

    Pre-Order Date: 1/7/13

    Pre-Order Date: 1/7/13

    SLP: $29.98

    SLP: $24.98


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    Saw this twice during its undeservedly invisible theatrical run. Even in 2-D, it's an absolute knockout and makes the Hollywood tentpoles look like Antonioni. Easily Tsui's best film in years.

    Mike S.

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