3D Well Go U.S.A. Press Release: Sadako 3D

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    “…a creepy and intense thriller confronted with ghostly visions and disturbing illusions that will send chills down your spine.” – KoolCampus.Wordpress.com
    Sadako is Always Hungry. And She’s No Longer Alone.
    From the Writer of The Ring and Director Tsutomu Hanabusa Comes the Latest Terrifying Installment to the Haunting Franchise,
    Debuting on Blu-ray™, DVD and Digital June 4th

    PLANO, TEXAS. (April 8, 2013) – The most iconic figure in Asian horror returns for the latest installment in the frightening RING franchise with SADAKO 3D, debuting on Blu-ray™, DVD and Digital June 4th from Well Go USA Entertainment. Director Tsutomu Hanabusa (High School Review) brings back the long haired girl in the white nightgown and her reign of terror has extended from television screens to all forms of technology: PC screens, mobile phones, jumbotrons and more. The cast includes Satomi Ishihara (Moonlight Mask), Kôji Seto (Runway Beat), Tsutomu Takahashi (Aragure) and Shôta Sometani (The Intermission). Akane Aikawa (Ishihara) works as a teacher in a high school where students are mysteriously committing suicide after viewing a video hosted on the internet. She discovers that a deranged artist is trying to bring Sadako back to life!
    Sadako waits, a vicious spirit, hungry for blood and souls. What began as a haunted videotape, passed from hand to cursed hand all those years ago in THE RING, has only gotten easier to find. Sadako waits. And it’s not just on tape anymore. At a local high school, there is a rumor about an online video of someone committing suicide. If it were only a prank, or the work of a deranged artist in town, the students wouldn’t be killing themselves after watching it, would they? The police would have a theory about the quickly-growing body count? And what about the woman in white with long hair? Sadako is always hungry. And she’s no longer alone.
    SADAKO 3D has a runtime of approximately 97 minutes and is not rated.
    For more information, please visit www.wellgousa.com.

    Catalog #: WGU01405B
    Catalog #: WGU01404D
    UPC Code: 812491014059
    UPC Code: 812491014042
    Pre-Order Date: 4/30/13
    Pre-Order Date: 4/30/13
    SLP: $29.98
    SLP: $24.98
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    Ah, so they're killing themselves, now. (Because, of course, Sadako can't crawl out of a tablet.) :rolleyes:
    Even outside of our country, there's a time when not to do 3D horror reboots.

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