3D Well Go U.S.A. Press Release: Dino King 3D (Blu-ray)

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    An Amazing Animated Adventure for All Ages!
    70 Million Years Ago, Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth. Now They’re Back and Debuting on Blu-ray™, DVD and Digital June 18th

    PLANO, TEXAS. (April 9, 2013) – Experience what is was like to walk with nature’s greatest prehistoric predators when DINO KING 3D debuts on Blu-ray™, DVD and digital June 18th from Well Go USA Entertainment. Painstakingly recreated in breathtaking CGI animation, the film takes viewers to a time before man, when dinosaurs ruled the earth. Speckles, a baby Tarbosaurus, is exiled and forced to flee his homeland when his entire family is killed by an evil, one-eyed T-Rex. Lost in the deepest depths of the hostile jungle, hungry and alone, Speckles happens upon a much needed ally and companion in the form of a young female Tarbosaurus. Together they help each other survive through the treacherous and forbidding terrain. Speckles grows up learning fighting skills so he can be ready for the day when he will return to claim his family’s ancient hunting grounds and become The Dino King.
    Meet Speckles. He’s a Tarbosaurus, and lives a happy life in his forest home with his mom and siblings. One day, as he’s just learning to hunt, he encounters One-Eye, a Tyrannosaur looking for a new place to live. His herd is attacked, leaving poor Speckles an orphan and alone in the world. But when he meets Blue Eyes, another lonely and lost Tarbosaur, they become close companions - and over time, build a family of their own. But the life of a dinosaur is a hard one. Speckles hasn't seen the last of One-Eye, and revenge, death, fear, and sadness are all in his future - as is happiness, and ultimately, hope.
    DINO KING 3D has a runtime of approximately 88 minutes and is not rated.
    For more information, please visit www.wellgousa.com.

    Catalog #: WGU01309B
    Catalog #: WGU01308D
    UPC Code: 812491013090
    UPC Code: 812491013083
    Pre-Order Date: 5/7/13
    Pre-Order Date: 5/7/13
    SLP: $29.98
    SLP: $24.98

    About Well Go USA
    Well Go USA, Inc. (www.wellgousa.com) is a theatrical and home entertainment distribution company that specializes in bringing top content, including the best in Asian Cinema to North America. As a leader in independent film distribution, Well Go's titles can be seen across a variety of formats and platforms including in theaters, on DVD, Blu-ray, digital (video-on-demand, electronic sell-through and streaming) and broadcast television through cable and satellite. Since 1994, Well Go has acquired and released over 2,000 titles worldwide. In 2005, Well Go expanded its distribution to North America where five to ten titles are released monthly.
    Well Go USA's corporate headquarters are in Plano, TX with offices in Taiwan and China.
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    I wonder what kindof reputation Well Go has? This is apparently a South Korean production. The Host was good. maybe this will be too.

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