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Weird Tint Problem (1 Viewer)

Ravi K

Supporting Actor
Feb 24, 2003
I notice a problem on my TV sometimes, usually on black and white material or if there is a large light colored blank space in the picture. I sometimes see a slight greenish tint to the picture that last a second or two. Could this be caused by having the stereo speakers too close to the TV or is it something else?

Allan Jayne

Senior HTF Member
Nov 1, 1998
Could be gray scale tracking problems, not always correctable. That means, depending on the level of gray, there may be a slight tilt of the tint to pinkish or greenish or whatever.

Also some persons perceive a slight coloration depending on the length of time the bright highlights in a picture is on the screen. Someone actually tried to invent color television in the form of having the consecutive black and white video frames altered to deliberately produce flicker. For example every third field might have the highlights in an otherwise still scene darkened. Viewers then tended to see portions of the picture appear reddish or greenish.

Video hints:

Jack Briggs

Senior HTF Member
Jun 3, 1999
Ravi, move those speakers farther away and see if the chroma distortion is still there. You should never position nonshielded speakers too close to your display; the resulting damage could become permanent.

Usually, speaker-induced chroma distortion results in splotches of discoloration in one of the picture's corners -- and gradually becomes larger over time. An inaccurate grayscale results in an overall tint that skews either to the blue or the red.


Senior HTF Member
Aug 19, 2002

What you are describing is not a grayscale problem as allen mentioned, because this would be a constant shift of whites or low-levels towards green.

What you describe is a little vague, so I will take a gander that if you are getting green flashes, or bright green "events" or your grayscale is turning green for a moment, then there is something electronically wrong with your TV. However, what you described could also be something totally different:

If it's not green flashing or something like that, is what you are seeing is green phosphor trails? Basically, watch a dark or black and white scene, and if there is motion of bright portions, are you seeing green smears after that bright part of the picture is supposed to turn black? If *this* is what you are seeing, this is inherent in the green phosphor decay. Obviously this presupposes that you have a CRT display, so you'll have to tell us whether that is the case too. So what you loosely described could be something wrong, or something normal (but undesirable, but still an inherent part of your display's design).

You'll have to provide a better description of what you are seeing, along with what your TV is.

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