Weird RPTV issue at store display

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    I was in a Best Buy this evening to check out the Sony 43HT20 and compare it to the 36FS13 as I am deciding between the two. All the TVs were running off the same widescreen feed. I noticed that all the TVs (all RPTVs) against the wall were cutting off the sides of the image but all the TVs in the center area were not. It didn’t matter what brand or whether it was a 16:9 or 4:3 screen. The signal was definitely widescreen, so the RPTVs on the wall were cutting off the sides instead of doing the vertical compression thingy. Or so it seemed.

    The only explanation I could come up with is that because they have a huge 16’ x 12’ 4:3 display up high on the wall (composed of 12 edge to edge displays), they must be using some special video processor to cut off the sides of a widescreen signal instead of letterboxing it, so customers see a full 16’ x 12’ image. And the TVs along that wall must be receiving that modified signal instead of the original widescreen signal, unlike the TVs in the center area. So, as far as the TVs on the wall were concerned they were just receiving a 4:3 signal cut out of a 16:9 signal. Does that make sense or do RPTVs just cut off the sides (not likely)?

    By the way, I still can’t decide between the 43HT20 ($1900) and the 36FS13 ($1200 plus $500 for a Bello stand).
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    A tube TV will usually come across as more appealing due to its ability to blast out a brighter image. We look to RPTV's for their ability to give us a larger size screen, but along w/ it comes a darker image.

    That being said, I don't think that going from 36" tube to 43" RPTV is a "big enough" jump in screen size to justify the brightness limitations. This is my opinion.

    Now, I see your budget is almost 2K. You can easily pick up a very nice ~50" RPTV for that kind of green. In this case, I would say go for the 50" - it's way bigger.

    Other things to consider:

    What is your planned usage? This is important.

    Also, check out for user reviews of 36" Sony flatscreen tube TV's. These Wegas seem to have an uncanny ability to drive a good number of owners totally nuts!

    Good luck.

    Rich B.
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    If so much was cut off the sides to keep only the inner 4:3 area of a 16:9 picture, it is probably the video processor they were using.
    If only about 5% of the sides were cropped, it is probably overscan in the TV which is normal.
    Other video hints:

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