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Christopher Vollick

Dec 10, 2018
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Christopher Vollick
Ok, so, this one seems strange to me, and hopefully you folks can help.

My setup is Chromecast -> Cheap HDMI switch -> Soundbar -> Projector (all hdmi)
And when things are plugged in this way, I probably get 1 second of silence every 5 seconds, but the video is unaffected.

Here's where things get weird:
  • I have 2 others devices plugged into that switch that don't have this problem
  • If I plug the chromecast directly into the soundbar, it doesn't have that problem
  • If I plug the chromecast into the switch into the projector (skipping the soundbar), it doesn't have that problem
So... every combination besides the one I want seems to work individually; it's not like it's that the chromecast never works with the switch or something.
It's just that the chromecast, and only the chromecast, doesn't like going through 2 hops, or something.

If I can fix the problem with a different switch, that'd be great, since I'm not really going to get a new soundbar or projector just for this, but I don't want to buy a new switch if it's not the problem.
And I have no idea where to start diagnosing the problem.

Any thoughts?
Projector: BENQ W1070
Soundbar: N450
Switch: HD1832
Chromecast: NC2-6A5

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