Wega Squeeze and Blue Corner Problem

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Chris Speights, Jul 27, 2001.

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    First off howdy to whoever reads this as this is my first post.
    I just got a Wega 36FS13 and I've got some questions. The picture looks fantastic and I am thoroughly happy with the purchase. The unit does have the two common problems of too much squeeze and the uneven brightness. The SBRT control didn't do much to alleviate the brightness problem so I will try to get a service tech over to add the choke.
    Here's my issue / observation. In 4:3 mode using the THX Optimode from Toy Story 2 , the circle is 17.5" wide and 17.125" (or so) tall. In 16:9 mode, the circle is still 17.5" wide and now it is 16.75" tall (the oversqueeze). I figured I would adjust ASP first in the 4:3 mode to make the circle round. As soon as I go from the value of 47 to 50-52, the bottom right corner gets a blue tint where it seems the convergence is off. I have read about other sets having blue corners. When I put ASP to the factory setting, the blue goes away... Any thoughts? One other observation is that getting rid of the squeeze makes it obvious the picture is offset low a bit anbd when I center it (again after seeing the blue tint), the blue tint becomes stronger. It's almost as if the blue corner problem is just hiding off screen and when I adjust the geometry, I bring it into view. Are there color specific geometry adjustments. Maybe adjusting the ASP or some other settings might reduce the blue corner problems on other peoples Wega's.
    When I adjust ASP1 from 47 to 52, the circle becomes circular for 16:9 mode and there is no blue tint in the lower right hand corner of the scan/picture area. I guess this might just be an issue with flat screen design and adjustment.
    I was thinking about adjusting the width of the picture instead of the height but I'm still learning so I was looking for some advice from some more experienced people.
    I will try to limit my future posts but I figured detailed info would reduce questions and increase answers.
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    Chris, the blue tint you see is a convergence problem. Convergence problems on direct view sets can crop up when you start changing the width and height of the screen size as well as its overall position. The only way to fix this on a direct view, as far as I know, is by opening up the set and following the service level instructions on setting convergence. If the blue tint isn't that bad and doesn't effect viewing, then you may just want to decide which is more important to you: "perfect" convergence or "perfect" geometry.
    hope this helps,

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