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Wega FS13 horror story (calibrators, Sony people, dealers, please read!!! (1 Viewer)


Aug 2, 2001
Please bear with me - this is long - and somewhat of an angry rant - but also a plea for advice....
So...two or three weeks ago I bought the Sony WEGA KV32FS13 as part of a larger series of new gear...it was the best that my budget (weighed more heavily towards top of the line audio than video - I have no use for hdtv)....at first everything looked fantastic - properly calibrated with AVIA it looked even better - especially considering my previous set was a 1993 21 inch Panasonic TV.
Two days after it was delivered, I started to notice some serious geometry problems...when watching letterboxed films, the image would dip right and left, sometimes drastically. In fact, with brightness turned up (normally its well below 50 percent), the outer edges of the 16x9 enhanced letterbox seemed like a constant wave form - even when a film is paused.
After a few days, I figured I would eventually get an ISF calibration or something and meanwhile I would ignore it - something downright impossible.......as well, I started to notice - especially against pale or bright colored backgrounds - the sky in Fargo, any older animation - there was a thick kind of blackish line going straight across the top of the screen.
I called my dealer and asked about exchanging it, describing my problems. I figured then (as I do now) that I got stuck with a faulty model. They balked and asked me to have a Sony technician check it - telling me that Sony do a free convergence (something no one at Sony wll confirm.) I called Sony, and after spending literally a DAY on hold, I spoke to a service person, who told me that no technicians would take my call. Finally I was given the number for an authorised Sony Service Centre and a week later, my first service call was made.
I will add that the wave-form letterbox problem was getting worse and worse, and after a certain point I became unable to watch letterboxed movies given that the geometry was COMPLETELY off - and everchanging...something less (but still noticeable) on 4-3 programming.
I was told that the problems were acceptable and that there was nothing that could be done about them- the discoloration relating to purity (which was apparently within normal range - something I buy - I realize that the FS13 isnt a proffessional monirtor)...but that the geometry problems - that there was nothing to do about them and that I should not be surprised considering the price of the TV.
Now I do not know about most people but 1600 Canadian dollars is not cheap to me.
Progressively, the problem got worse, I called the dealer again - again hoping for just a quick exchange = and I was told to get a second opinion from Sony - and a week later. a different service technician...I got one - again telling me the problems were unfixable...he at least agreed with me that the geometry problems were incredibly annoying.
At this point (this past Friday) I was resolved to either replace it or replace it with another TV...this was added to upon the fact that my dealer explained that he didnèt want to order the same TV and have the same problems. Even so, these problems go far beyond anything that could be considered the norm...I presume Sony would not stay in business if all of its TVs had these problems.
The dealer would not confirm that I could replace it until he was able to speak to the service person - it is Monday and they have not spoken yet. Meanwhile I have been given the run around by Sony as to whether or not they would agree to replace it.
Now I know that this store where I bought the TV is reputable and they will exchange it. Problem is it seems that Sony is tying their hands - or am I being paranoid....also I am not sure if I should replace it with the same model, or to go with something different - I am willing to spend 500 more Canadian dollars if need be....
Any advice for a disgruntled buyer?


Second Unit
Jan 8, 2001
I feel for you man. I've gone through a few Wegas now and I can't get one that performs satisfactorily. I actually started off at the FS model and worked my way up to the brand new XBR-450. The problems lessened in the XBR but there are still color purity problems, still uneven brightness, and still geometry problems. To top that off I went to Sears today to talk about my options and they said I couldn't exchange any more sets. That's service for you. They sell defective units, at least in terms of watchability, and they refuse to replace it?? I don't know about you but I don't like spending $3000 on a tv set and having bowing geometry, uneven brightness, and about 1/4 of the screen a different color than the rest. Sony claims that those errors are within factory specs but that is b##@sh$%. Give me a break. I'm taking the unit back and trying one more at another dealer. I suggest if you exchange it, to try the new one out in store before you take it home. Good luck.
p.s I'm not a videophile so I'm not being overly picky with the sets - the errors I notice are not small but very noticeable. Just thought I'd add that because I don't expect a perfect screen but I also don't expect multiple problems that really hurt the picture - especially not for $3000.00. Let me know what happens.


Jun 3, 2001
I picked up the KV27FS13 myself and I too have the "waveform" letterbox. I'm really tempted to exchange it for another one, but it seems like I would only get another set with a different geometry problem. Grrr...

Kyle Wynters

Jul 15, 2001
I too feel your pain. I recently bought a KV27FS13 from Circuit City and exchanged it THREE times. In each case, the new set still exhibited geometry problems that were really noticeable in 16x9 enhanced mode (the black bars would either bow upwards or downwards, on the left side or right). I just gave up on the last set and ordered a service manual from Sony, which I haven't received yet. I'm hoping these geometry problems can be fixed somehow by adjusting the various service mode settings as some here have suggested.
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Jeremy Little

Supporting Actor
Jun 9, 2001
I own the KV32HS20 that I bought with my employee discount at Best Buy. Unfortunately, I have done my best with the service menu codes provided and there is still a slight problem with it. Didn't someone say there is no Horizontal Deflection Control Adjustment for the tv? I couldn't find one. If that is the case, then there is the problem. Sony has done their best to adjust sets that don't have all the necessary controls for adjustments.
P.S. Every Wega I have ever seen has had this problem. Every display, every one in people's houses, every open box that we took back at work. There are some that are worse than others, but none are perfect.
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Aug 29, 2001
I had last years KV-36VF12 and it too had these problems. There was also a grounding issue as well. My cable was connected with S-Video and DVD with Component. When watching component DVD, there would be a white scrolling bar line from right to left. This only happened when there was a S-Video feed from either a cable box or camcorder in another input. When I would unplug any S-video sources when watching component DVD, the white scrolling bar line went away. The TV was sent in for service. After I got it back (4 weeks later) the picture was purple looking at there was diagonal red lines. Because of this they switched it out for another new 36FS12. The original problems was still there. I just got it traded out for the Panasonic CT-36HX41 about 6 weeks ago. This TV has none of the problems that the 36FS12 had. However the picture is a little bit to red depending on which channel I am watching, and there is also a slight bending of horz lines at the bottom left. This is only seen during scrolling text like on MSNBC, CNN, Stock shows. Some people give the Panasonics a bad reputation, but I think for the price and performance that it is better than the Sony. I had to pay the difference in price between the 36FS12 and 36HX41 which was $650. I was never charged any delivery charges except the original $65 delivery charge when I first bought the 36FS12. This was because I bought the 5-years warrantee. It was purchased at Sound Advice, FL.

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