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Weekly RoundUp *Black Friday Edition* (1 Viewer)

Mike Frezon

Senior HTF Member
Oct 9, 2001
Rexford, NY
[c]The Weekly RoundUp[/c]

Best Buy:

$9.99 DVDs

Chappelle’s Show: Season 1
Man on Fire
Mean Girls
The Day After Tomorrow

$12.99 DVDs

Will and Grace: Season 1
24: Season 1

Circuit City

$4.99 DVDs

Select titles

$11.99 DVDs

Kill Bill 2
The Day After Tomorrow
Man on Fire


$27.99 DVDs

Fox and WB TV DVD Packs


$15.88 DVDs

Shrek 2

$17.77 DVDs

Buffy: Season 7
Simpsons: Season 4
South Park: Seasons 1, 2, or 3
Family Guy: Seasons 1 or 2
Dawson’s Creek: Season 4

Toy’s ‘R’ Us

35% off DVDs (Aladdin, Mulan, Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas, Pirates of the Caribbean)

Wal*Mart – 6 to 11am

$3.88 DVDs

You’ve Got Mail
The Client
Pay It Forward
Blade Runner
(”includes these titles and many more. One time offer.”)

Standard disclaimer: All prices are taken from various internet resources! I have not seen a single flyer yet with my own eyes. All prices are subject to change by each chain. Prices and inventory in-store may or may not match the website price. There is no way for me to guarantee that these prices are accurate as the stores do not wish for their promotions to be known far in advance of the black Friday sales.

I have only included prices for the titles on which I could find information. There may be more deals to be had out there.

And, I can’t emphasize this enough...Circuit City does not guarantee their sale prices in Hawaii.

I will confirm the above prices much later this morning after I’ve had a chance to get some decent rest, put on my comfy slippers, trudge out to get my morning paper, put my two dogs outside, think about how much food I’m going to eat today, and then review the Black Friday ads. I may, though, check the sports section first for any hot stove news with the Red Sox.

Patrick Sun

Senior HTF Member
Jun 30, 1999
Gleaned from various online sources, and paper advertisement sections:

Circuit City:

$4.99 each (I verified these as being depicted in the ad with dashes):
-3000 Miles to Graceland
-About Smhmidt
-Absolute Power
-Ace Ventura Pet Detective
-Addicted To Love
-All Dogs Go To Heaven
-Behind Enemy Lines
-Best Of The Chris Rock Show
-Chris Rock Bigger & Blacker
-Blade Runner
-Boondock Saints
-Bowling for Columbine
-Brown Sugar
-Bull Durham
-Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
-City Slickers
-Conspiracy Theory
-Courage Under Fire
-Day After
-Demolition Man
-Die Hard
-Dog Day Afternoon
-Donnie Darko
-Down with Love
-Executive Decision
-Exit Wounds
-Falling Down
-From Hell
-Get Shorty
-Greatest Story Ever Told
-Grumpy Old Men
-How Stella Got Her Groove Back
-Jason’s Lyrics
-Joe Versus The Volcano
-Lean On Me
-To Live and Die in LA
-Magnificent Seven
-Magnum Force
-Men of Honor
-Murder At 1600
-Out for Justice
-Out Of Time
-Pale Rider
-Passenger 57
-Pay it Forward
-Rio Bravo
-Simsons gone wild
-Soul Food
-Space Cowboys
-Spies Like Us
-Swing Shift
-The Abyss (Special Edition)
-The Birdcage
-The Client
-The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
-The Pledge
-The Postman
-The Siege
-The Silence Of The Lambs
-The Thomas Crowne Affair
-The Transporter
-Thelma and Louise
-Thin Red Line
-Training Day
-True Lies
-Uptown Girls
-Vegas Vacation
-When Harry Met Sally
-You’ve Got Mail


$7.99 each:
Britney Spears - Greatest Hits
Toby Keith - Greatest Hits 2
Ashlee Simpson
Ryan Cabrera
Lil' Jon and the East Side Boyz

$11.99 or less - every CD in stock (except SACD/DVD-Audio) that's normally $12.99-$14.99

$79.99 (after $100 MIR): Western Digital 250GB hard drive
$9.99 Phillips 50-pack DVD+Rs


Best Buy:

Price good until noon on Friday for the following:

$29.99 Elton John Dream Ticket 4-disc Concert DVD set

CD selections and hardware:

$7.99 each (prices good until noon Friday)
Lenny Kravitz - Baptism
Nelly - Suit
Elton John - Peachtree Road
Now that's What I Call Music 7
Toby Keith - Greatest Hits 2
Vanessa Carlton - Harmonium
Shania Twain - Greatest Hits
Ja Rule - R.U.L.E.
U2 - How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb

Norcent DVD Player $14.99 (after $23 in Mail-In Rebates)
Polaroid Portable (7" screen) DVD Player $139.99 (after $50 MIR)

These prices are good for Friday/Saturday if not longer: (also check www.bestbuy.com on Thanksgiving Day for this deal):

5 for $25:
Training Day
You've Got Mail
Ace Ventura Pet Detective
About Schmidt
Blade Runner
Grumpy Old Men
The Client
Exit Wound
Conspiracy Theory
Absolute Power
Spies Like Us
Space Cowbowys
Pale Rider
Joe Vs. the Volcano
Fear dot com
Boiler Room
Vegas Vacation
Demolition Man
Chris Rock Bigger and Blacker
Crime is King
Falling Down
Executive Decision

$6.99 each (CDs):
John Mayer - Heavier Things
Incubus - Morning View
Pearl Jam - Ten
Bruce Springsteen - Born in the U.S.A.
System of a Down - Toxicity
Tenacious D - Tenacious D
Medvayne - End of All Things to Come
Chevelle - Wonder What's Next
Beyonce - Dangerously In Love
Jessica Simpson - In This Skin
Spider-Man 2 - Music From and Inspired By
Good Charlotte - The Young and the Hopeless
Audioslave - Audioslave
Modest Mouse - Moon and Antartica - Re-issue
Rage Against the Machine - Rage Against the Machine
Dixie Chicks - Fly
Boston - Greatest Hits
Michael Jackson - Thriller
Simon and Garfunkel - Greatest Hits
AC/DC - Highway to Hell
Lil' Flip - U Gotta Feel Me
Five for Fighting - America Town
Jill Scott - Who is Jill Scott?
Korn - Take a look in the Mirror

$29.99 (after $90 in MIR): Western Digital 160GB hard drive with 8MB buffer


$4.99 each - 20th Century Masters CDs:
Barry White
Lynyrd Skynyrd
The Temptations

$2.99 (after $30 MIR): Dynex 50-pack DVD+Rs



$8.88 each:
The Day After Tommorow
Man On Fire
Garfield the movie

$12.88 each:
Mickey's Twice upon a Christmas
Pirates of the Caribbean
Kill Bill Vol. 1
Kill Bill Vol. 2
13 Going on 30

$9.98 each:
Destiny's Child - Destiny Fulfilled
Shania Twain - Greatest Hits
Tim McGraw - Live Like You Were Dying
Simple Plan - Still Not Getting Any
Jay-Z/R. Kelly - Unfinished Business



WB/Fox Season sets $27.99 after $12 coupon (requires coupon from Costco flyer, supposedly limit 1 per coupon, but probably won't have problems using additional coupons during different trips through check-out, i.e. need multiple flyers):

WB DVD sets:
Smallville: Seasons 1, 2, and 3
Gilmore Girls: Season 1
Babylon 5: The Movie Collection
Nip/Tuck: Season 1
The West Wing: Season 1, 2, and 3

Fox DVD sets:
24: Season 2
Buffy: Season 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7
Angel: Season 2, 3, and 4


Media Play

Prices good until noon Friday:

$3 off all DVDs regularly priced $13.99 or more
$2 off all CDs regularly priced $13.99 or more

$12.99 each:
Mickey's Twince Upon A Christmas
Pirates of the Caribbean/The Lost Disc
Kill Bill Vol. 1
Kill Bill Vol. 2

$8.99 each:
Chingy - Powerballin'
Ja Rule - R.U.L.E.
Michael McDonald - Motown Two
Sum 41 - Chuck
Yellowcard - Ocean Avenue
Big & Rich - Horse of a Different Color

$5.99 each:
Ray Charles - Greatest Hits
George Strait - Masters
Faith Hill
Aretha Franklin
Toby Keith - Masters
Michael McDonald - The Very Best of
Abba - Masters
The Spinners - The Very Best of
Frank Sinatra - Greatest Hits
Green Day
The Doobie Brothers - Greatest Hits
Phil Collins
En Vogue
and others...

Music DVDs $8.99 each
Los Lonely Boys - Texican Style Live from Austin
Now That's What We Call Music 2 DVD - Various Artists
AC/DC - Live at Donington
Jimi Hendrix - Blue Wild Angel
Abba - Abba
Bon Jovi Live - This Left Feels Right

Free after MIR 50-pack of Khypermedia CD-Rs ($14.99)

Prices good Friday/Saturday:

2 for $13:
West Side Story
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
City Slickers
The Thomas Crown Affair
Out of Time
Uptown Girls
When Harry Met Sally

Buy 1, Get 1 Free:
Master and Commander
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Cheaper By the Dozen

Buy 1, Get 1 Free:
Dude, Where's My Car?
Shallow Hal
Young Frankenstein

$12.99 each:
13 Going on 30
Breakin' All the Rules Special Edition
Hellboy Special Edition
White Chicks Unrated

$11.99 Holiday albums:
Jessica Simpson - Rejoyce
Clay Aiken - Merry Christmas with Love
Vanessa Williams - Silver and Gold
Ultimate Christmas 2
Christmas with the Rat Pack
Now Christmas Signature Collection
Kenny Chesney - All I Want For Christmas
Frank Sinatra - Christmas Collection
Mannheim Steamroller - Christmas Celebration
Trans-Siberian Orchestra - The Lost Christmas Eve

$9.99 each
Snoop Dogg - R&G Rhythm and Gangster: The Masterpiece
Lil' Jon and the East Side Boyz - Crunk Juice
Gwen Stefani - love, Angel, Music, Baby
Toby Keith - Greatest Hits 2
Fantasia - Free Yourself
U2 - How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb (get The Joshua Tree or U2: The Best of 1980-1990 for $6.99 when you buy U2:H2DAAB)

$11.99 each
Ruben Studdard - I Need An Angel
Spoongebob Squarepants: The Movie soundtrack
Trapt - Trapt
Destiny's Child - Destiny Fulfilled
Shania Twain - Greatest Hits
Neil Young - Greatest Hits
Kenny G - At Last...the Duets album
Mandy Moore - The Best of
Britney Spears - Greatest Hits
Eminem - Encore
Fabolous - Real Talk

Holiday CDs $1.99 (buy 2, get 2 free)



Prices below are good until noon Friday:

$29.99 60GB hard drive (rebadged Maxtor, I think, no MIR!)
$19.99 100-pack of DVD+Rs or DVD-Rs (no MIR!)
$9.99 three 30-pack CD-Rs (no MIR!)
$29.99 Lexar 512MB USB 2.0 Jumpdrive ($15 MIR)

Lots of okay-priced stuff for Friday/Saturday, nothing stood out for me w/r/t DVDs/etc.



$7.99 50-pack 4X DVD+Rs/DVD-Rs (after $15 MIR)
$49.99 Western Digital 200GB 8MB cache hard drive (after $100 MIR)

Free after MIR (MIR amount):
CD Cleaning Kit ($7.99)
100-pack slim jewel cases ($12)
Khypermedia 100-pack CD-Rs ($14.99)
64MB quick drive ($24.99)
Memory Card readers ($10)
Toshiba 64MB SD Memory card ($10)
4-port USB hub ($9.99)
DVD+RW 4X 10-pack ($12.99)
100 quick wipes ($7.99)
Multi-function remote control ($5)
Black CD tower 15 capacity ($3.99)
4-in-1 stylus pen ($7)
6 Outlet surge strip with modem protection ($9.99)
Khypermedia T-120 VHS 3-pack ($2.5)
10 piece PC took kit ($9.99)
Large Gel mouse pad ($9.99)
Casio KL-60 Label Printer ($19.99)
Northwestern Bell 2.4GHz Phone with caller ID ($10)
13-memory speakerphone ($10)
Calendar Creator 2005 ($19.99)
DVD Copy Express 2 ($10)
McAfee VirusScan V9.0 ($20)
Art Explosion Seasons, Events & Holidays ($10)
Retractable phone cord ($7.99)


Office Depot:

Prices good for Friday and Saturday

$4.97 Maxell 15-pack DVD+R or DVD-R
$19.97 three 50-pack CD-Rs (buy 1, get 2 free)
Free after rebate and $10 purchase: VTech 2.4GHz cordless phone
$49.97 Memorex 1GB thumbdrive (after $40 MIR)
$24.97 60GB hard drive (after $40 MIR)



$9.88 each:
Kill Bill Vol. 1
Kill Bill Vol. 2
Pirates of the Caribbean
Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas

$4.88 each (selection may vary, these were depicted in ad):
Exit Wounds
Murder at 1600
You've Got Mail
Las Vegas Vacation
Ace Ventura Pet Detective
Blade Runner
Executive Decision
The Best of Chris Rock
Demolition Man

MLB: World Series 2004

$48.88 Gameboy Advance SP



Senior HTF Member
Jan 6, 2004
Add Star Wars Trilogy $39.99 to the Target list! They also have a selection of $8.88 DVDs, but I don't remember the titles...

Eric Larsen

Nov 27, 2003

Thanks so much!
Made my night even better.
Wonder what those 4.99 DVDs are. Guess I'll know soon enough.

Don't forget that BJ's Godfather/Indiana Jones deal for - well, I'll amend it when I find the coupon.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Eric Larsen

(About your request in the Mary Poppins thread -
there's supposed to be a fixed up Sound of Music coming out next year.)

Mike Frezon

Senior HTF Member
Oct 9, 2001
Rexford, NY

Thanks, Eric Schulz! That one fell off desk as I was putting the list together! :emoji_thumbsup:

Eric Larsen: Thanks for your info, too! That is GREAT news! And, I hope you see Patrick's post above with an extremely comprehensive listing of those $4.99 DVDs! Thanks, Patrick!


Senior HTF Member
Jan 6, 2004
Just like last year when EVERYONE seemed to have "Chicago" and "Lion King" at rock bottom prices for the Black Friday sales, it looks like the studios are offering good deals on select titles this year. I would guess that most of those are in the $8.88 selection at Target ("Man on Fire" and "Day After Tomorrow" are, IIRC)

Eric Larsen

Nov 27, 2003

Patrick's post came in while I was looking for that coupon.

Do a search for Rodger's and Hammerstein SE's in 2005.

When I was picking up Live Aid at Target last week (!!!), I noticed that they had the Vacation set for about $32.99, the Superman set for $34.99 (Vacation may have been $34.99 too, I'm not sure), and the three Austin Powers together for $22.99. As there was no special sales tag, I assume that they may still be available for those prices.

Now if there was only a deal for that Terminal set..maybe by Christmas,


Joshua Clinard

Aug 25, 2000
Abilene, TX
Real Name
Joshua Clinard
Great prices! I wish I had more money. I only have a total of 15 to spend. I will probably pick up Mulan, and Pay it Forward, since my current copy pixelates badly. Thanks for the Roundup.

Kenneth Cummings

Supporting Actor
Aug 7, 2001
Wow, nice deals for a devious day. I would get some of these stuff, but my selection is controlled by the Powers That Be, and I don't mean those people from Angel. :D Well I still can pick what I want, but it not offically mine until the 25th.

Patrick Sun

Senior HTF Member
Jun 30, 1999
John, FWIW, the 24 Season 1 DVD set for $12.99 shows up on the front page of my local (Atlanta) Best Buy flyer. It's right next to the Will & Grace season 1 DVD set.

John Berggren

Senior HTF Member
Jun 17, 1999
It looks like Best Buy might be testing their "drive out the lesser customers" plan regionally. Will and Grace stands alone in my flyer. From what I can gather from pre-rumors, there are other bits and pieces missing in mine as well. RTP Area of NC here.

Pretty much makes me want to sit out BF at Best Buy and stick with Costco, who actually has something to offer me.

Patrick Sun

Senior HTF Member
Jun 30, 1999
Check out Best Buy's website for their 5 for $25 online sale that's starting today and going on for 3 days! It'll save some hassle tomorrow. The downside with online ordering is that you'll incur shipping charges which could be a deal-breaker.

Mark Murphy

Supporting Actor
Nov 20, 2002
I vowed not to brave the crowds this year but with all those TV DVD deals, I may have to. The problem is, I don't think I'll get any shopping done for anyone else but me.

Steve Tannehill

R.I.P - 4.28.2015
Senior HTF Member
Deceased Member
Jul 6, 1997
Real Name
Steve Tannehill

Shipping charges and sales tax... plus, since Walmart says their $3.88 sale includes other titles, and since almost every title pictured at BB is in Walmart's ad, what do you want to bet that you can pick up most these discs at Walmart and save $1.12 per during that early morning window?

- Steve


Senior HTF Member
May 7, 2001
Orlando, FL
Real Name
Mike, you are my freaking idol today. Dude, we're still going to BB first thing tomorrow and then I'm making a beeline to Target. They've got the best price on Simpsons S4, please they have the Scooby stocking I'm in search of for my BF.

THANK YOU for making every Tuesday and Black Friday that much easier for all of us.

Happy Turkey Day!!!

Patrick Sun

Senior HTF Member
Jun 30, 1999
It's all about time and convenience for those who don't want to set foot inside the store and want to order today, but I'll probably check out Circuit City first for those $5 DVDs because they have a wider selection of what I'd want to buy anyway. Best Buy doesn't have much that interest me this year. Sales tax is a non-issue, I expect it from these online stores with local stores in my area. Best Buy will be pretty much last on my list to physically visit on Friday. I expect the store to be picked clean of the 'deals'.

I fear for my life at Wal-Mart on Friday morning... :D

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