Weekly Roundup 8/26 (a VERY big week!)

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  1. David Lambert

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    Aug 3, 2001
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    And I come back to you now -- at the turn of the tide. (quote from Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers)


    Standard disclaimer: All prices are taken from the websites of each chain, or from their printed advertisements, the Sunday of the week of release (so as to catch any week-of-release sale prices). All prices are subject to change by each chain. Prices and inventory in-store may or may not match the website price. If a price is marked "$_N/A_" in the grid, it means that this title is not shown as available on that chain's website or perhaps in their ads...but it COULD still be in-stores!

    $_"LP" means the advertisement says "Low Price", and $_"HP" means the advertisement says "Hot Price". Use of either of these in the Roundup grid indicates that I could not locate a definate price for the item, and the ad is all I have to go on. Retailers use these phrases in advertisements so that they do not violate MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) agreements with the studios. Doing so can cost them thousands or even millions of dollars in co-op advertising funds.

    I only include the titles I feel like including. In fact, the titles are pretty much the ones I'm personally interested in, with few exceptions. I don't get paid for this, and I don't have time to devote to doing every DVD. I have a lovely wife and a five-year-old son I'd rather spend time with. Please don't complain. If there is a title not included in the Roundup that you want to see, just look it up yourself, and be nice enough to post and share the results with everyone...like I do!

    Note that Circuit City does not guarantee their sale prices in Hawaii.

    Amazon Women/Moon - CE____$14.99__$14.99__$17.99__$_N/A___$_N/A___$_N/A_
    Beastmaster - Season 1____$52.49__$53.99__$_N/A___$_N/A___$_N/A___$_N/A_
    Best of Ripley's Blv/Not__$14.96__$17.99__$17.99__$_N/A___$_N/A___$_N/A_
    Blue's Clues: Blue/School_$14.99__$14.99__$_N/A___$_N/A___$_N/A___$_N/A_
    The Brood_________________$11.21__$12.99__$10.99__$_N/A___$_N/A___$_N/A_
    Burnt Offerings___________$11.21__$_N/A___$10.99__$_N/A___$_N/A___$_N/A_
    Chasing Papi______________$20.99__$19.99__$19.99__$_N/A___$_N/A___$_N/A_
    Cher: The Farewell Tour___$18.74__$17.99__$17.99__$_N/A___$_N/A___$_N/A_
    Comedy of Terrors+Raven___$11.21__$ 9.99__$10.99__$_N/A___$_N/A___$_N/A_
    Countess Dracula+V. Lvrs._$11.21__$ 9.99__$10.99__$_N/A___$_N/A___$_N/A_
    Dark Shadows - Coll. #7___$44.99__$52.99__$_N/A___$_N/A___$_N/A___$_N/A_
    Deperado - SE_____________$14.96__$14.99__$17.99__$_N/A___$_N/A___$_N/A_
    The Devil Commands________$18.71__$22.99__$19.99__$_N/A___$_N/A___$_N/A_
    Dora The Explorer: Rhymes_$14.99__$14.99__$_N/A___$_N/A___$_N/A___$_N/A_
    El Mariachi - SE__________$14.96__$14.99__$_N/A___$_N/A___$_N/A___$_N/A_
    ER - Season 1_____________$44.98__$45.99__$39.99__$39.99__$39.99__$37.87
    From Justin To Kelly______$20.99__$19.99__$19.99__$19.99__$_N/A___$_N/A_
    The Ghoul_________________$11.21__$ 9.99__$10.99__$_N/A___$_N/A___$_N/A_
    Ghoulies+Ghoulies II______$11.21__$ 9.99__$10.99__$_N/A___$_N/A___$_N/A_
    Haunted Palace+Twr/London_$11.21__$ 9.99__$10.99__$_N/A___$_N/A___$_N/A_
    The Howling - SE__________$14.99__$14.99__$_N/A___$_N/A___$_N/A___$_N/A_
    John Denver & The Muppets_$14.96__$17.99__$17.99__$_N/A___$_N/A___$_N/A_
    Lexx - Complete Season 3__$44.99__$59.99__$_N/A___$_N/A___$_N/A___$_N/A_
    Little Women (1949)_______$14.99__$14.99__$15.99__$_N/A___$_N/A___$_N/A_
    LotR: The Two Towers - WS_$17.97__$15.99__$14.99__$_N/A___$18.76__$18.76
    Mr. Show - Season 3_______$26.24__$27.99__$_N/A___$_N/A___$_N/A___$_N/A_
    Mute Witness______________$18.71__$22.99__$19.99__$_N/A___$_N/A___$_N/A_
    NL's Animal House-WS DSPE_$14.99__$12.99__$12.99__$14.99__$12.49__$_N/A_
    Nicktoons: Halloween______$14.99__$14.99__$_N/A___$_N/A___$_N/A___$_N/A_
    Once Bitten_______________$11.21__$ 9.99__$10.99__$_N/A___$_N/A___$_N/A_
    Poltergeist II+Polt. III__$11.21__$ 9.99__$10.99__$_N/A___$_N/A___$_N/A_
    Prince & The Pauper ('37)_$14.99__$17.99__$15.99__$_N/A___$_N/A___$_N/A_
    Raising Victor Vargas_____$18.71__$19.99__$19.99__$_N/A___$_N/A___$_N/A_
    Raw Meat__________________$11.21__$ 9.99__$10.99__$_N/A___$_N/A___$_N/A_
    Scared Straight!__________$18.71__$19.99__$_N/A___$_N/A___$_N/A___$_N/A_
    Secret Agent (DM) MegaSet_$142.46_$149.99_$_N/A___$_N/A___$119.99_$_N/A_
    Silent Warnings___________$20.24__$24.99__$19.99__$_N/A___$_N/A___$_N/A_
    The Simpsons - Season 3___$32.49__$33.99__$35.99__$35.99__$31.99__$_N/A_
    Spin City: MJF's Faves #1_$22.49__$22.99__$_N/A___$_N/A___$_N/A___$_N/A_
    Spin City: MJF's Faves #2_$22.49__$22.99__$_N/A___$_N/A___$_N/A___$_N/A_
    Stitch! The Movie_________$22.49__$19.99__$19.99__$19.99__$18.49__$18.96
    The Storyteller Collectn._$18.71__$22.99__$_N/A___$_N/A___$_N/A___$_N/A_
    Tomb/Ligeia+Evening/Poe___$11.21__$ 9.99__$10.99__$_N/A___$_N/A___$_N/A_
    Troll+Troll 2_____________$11.21__$ 9.99__$10.99__$_N/A___$_N/A___$_N/A_
    Wiseguy: Season 1 Part 1__$52.49__$47.99__$_N/A___$_N/A___$_N/A___$_N/A_

    * BE CAREFUL! Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2-Disc Edition) and National Lampoon's Animal House - Double Secret Probation Edition are both available in both Widescreen and Fullscreen versions...get the correct one.

    * Non-OAR discs are left off the Roundup, whenever they've been identified in advance. Example: I, Madman. This does NOT apply to markdowns, which are simply cut-and-paste from other lists.

    * Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2-Disc Edition) has some specially-marked packages that come with a Bonus Adventure Card, which gives you access to great, never-before seen video, audio, and photos plus cool downloadable stuff, Hundreds of dollars in discounts and savings, And a trip to win a minivan, a trip to New Zealand, or hundreds of other prizes.

    * National Lampoon's Animal House - Double Secret Probation Edition comes with a $5 coupon good towards either Sixteen Candles - High School Reunion Edition or Weird Science - High School Reunion Edition.

    * Best Buy: FREE! 24 Season 2 Preview DVD, featuring the first 2 episodes of the second season. Instantly, just for checking out our selection, no other purchase necessary. WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR ANYONE WHO HAS NOT SEEN 24 SEASON 1!

    * Best Buy: Save $5 instantly when you purchase both Stitch: The Movie and Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers on the same transaction. NOTE: BEST BUY IS CHARGING $15.99 FOR LOTR:TTT IN MOST MARKETS, BUT IN SOME MARKETS IS CHARGING $14.99...SINCE WAL-MART IS GOING TO CHARGE NO MORE THAN $14.20 AT MOST STORES, I'D PLAN TO GET IT THERE!

    * Best Buy: Buy The Simpsons - Season 3 and instantly save $10 on any one of these: The Family Guy Vol. 1, Futurama Vol. 1, King of the Hill Vol. 1.

    * Circuit City: Save $10 instantly with combined purchase of The Simpsons - Season 3 and one of either Seasons 1 or 2.

    * Target: Get a free 7 UP 2-liter when you purchase Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers on DVD. Also, buy 10-ct. Duracell batteries and instantly save $3.

    The latest markdowns according to DavisDVD:
    EFFECTIVE 8.26.03
    Fox Like Mike, Brown Sugar, Swimfan, The Transporter, One Hour Photo 19.98

    The latest markdowns according to other sources:
    True Lies (now released from moratorium by Fox) $19.98
    Law & Order: The First Year $59.98
  2. Robert_eb

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    Sep 14, 2001
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    Thanks Dave.
  3. george kaplan

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    Mar 14, 2001
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    Thanks, Dave.

    I'll definitely be getting Simpsons 3, and Stitch (based on the HTF review).

    I'll be holding out on Animal House until I see some reviews that compare the picture quality with the current release. Unless it's improved, I see no reason to rebuy this.

    And I will painfully not buy Wiseguy. Since they've ruined the ending of arc 1 by not paying for the rights to one fricking song, I will stand by my principles as much as it hurts. First MTM, now this. [​IMG]
  4. John T

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    Oct 24, 1999
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    Thanks for your work dave, this has become a daily stop for me on sundays!
  5. Xenia Stathakopoulou

    Xenia Stathakopoulou Cinematographer

    Apr 25, 2003
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    Thanks Dave,this week only animal house, for the two towers ill do what i did with fellowship. Ill wait for the extended edition in november.
  6. Mark Richter

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    Dec 15, 2001
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    Best BUy has Blues Brothers WS Collectors Edition for $9.99

    Yesterday it was 36.99!!!!
  7. Galen_V

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    Apr 12, 2003
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    Thanks a bunch Dave! I picked up two of the 24 discs today in the store and on the pack of the package there is a mail in rebate for $10 off a purchase of both 24: S1 and S2 or $5 off if you buy only 24: S1 or 24: S2. (The sets CAN be purchased separately and still qualify for the $10 rebate as long as they were bought between 8/24/2003 (today) and 2/24/2004).
  8. Carl Walker

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    Jul 31, 1999
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    Well, nothing for me this week, but thanks anyway Dave!
  9. Dave Corder

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    Aug 28, 2002
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    Stopped by Best Buy today. Supposedly the 24: S2 preview DVDs have a street date of Tuesday, Aug. 26. They wouldn't give me one. [​IMG] Doubt I'll be able to make it in there after work Tuesday before they run out.

    Probably will get Stitch: The Movie and LOTR: TTT at Best Buy and have them price match to CC, though.


    Dave C.
  10. Troy*H

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    Feb 13, 2003
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    I wish Target had a super low price on The Simpson's like they did Futurama last week [​IMG]
  11. Tommy G

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    Sep 19, 2000
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    Dave, mega [​IMG] to you. Thanks for all your hard work on this every week. I'll be taking advantage of the Best Buy $14.99 TTT and Stitch! The Movie for $19.99 - $5.00 = $14.99.
  12. Kenneth Cummings

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    Aug 7, 2001
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    Like Futurama from a few weeks ago, the Simpson season three will be delayed for me for some time. Other then that it a slow week. Because even so I like Two Towers, I am not buying a dvd that will ended up being sold off in two months.
  13. Galen_V

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    Apr 12, 2003
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  14. Jon_Are

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    Jun 25, 2001
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  15. nolesrule

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    Aug 6, 2001
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    Clearwater, FL
    Real Name:
    Joe Kauffman
    I'm picking up TTT and Simpsons Season 3. I'll pick up Futurama Season 1 at $10 off with it at Best Buy, since I've been thinking about getting it anyway. Glad I waited a little longer.

    My Best Buy insert said something about a Two Towers Midnight Opening and sweepstakes. Anyone know where the list of stores doing that can be found?
  16. Patrick Sun

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    Jun 30, 1999
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    Best Buy DVD Sale Items:

    Bringing Down the House: $19.99
    Cradle 2 the Grave: $19.99
    Chicago: $19.99
    29 Palms: $19.99
    The Matrix: $9.99
    Signs + The Others 2 pack: $19.99

    Blues Brothers: $9.99
    Clerks Uncensored: $9.99
    Half-Baked: $12.99
    Mallrats: $12.99
    Road Trip Unrated: $12.99
    Old School Unrated: $19.99
    Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring 2 discs: 19.99
    LOTR: FOTR Extended: 27.99
    Pink Floyd DVD: Dark Side of the Moon: 14.99

    Best Buy 2 DVDs for $20:
    Shallow Hal
    One Hour Photo
    Brown Sugar
    The Transporter
    Super Troopers


    Circuit City DVD Sale Items:

    Head of State: Low Price (Probably $17.99)
    Chicago: $17.99
  17. Dave Scarpa

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    Apr 8, 1999
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    David Scarpa
    I'm gonna Rent Wiseguy from Netflix but I don't know the scoop on the song I've heard good things on the Show but have never seen it.
  18. Tony-B

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    Jun 30, 2002
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    I might get Simpsons: Season 3. But other than that, I'm getting nothing. I told my brother to hit me if I think about getting it, since I don't want to fall for the LOTR hype again and be disappointed. I'll just rent it and decide on it later on.
  19. Adrian_S

    Adrian_S Second Unit

    Apr 29, 2002
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    Pretty big week for me....

    Deperado - SE
    El Mariachi - SE
    LotR: The Two Towers
    NL's Animal House-WS DSPE
    Poltergeist II+Polt. III
    Stitch! The Movie
    Wiseguy: Season 1 Part 1

    thanks for the roundup!
  20. Bill J

    Bill J Producer

    Oct 27, 2001
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    Nothing for me, but thanks anyway.

    It's going to be a very expensive fall though. [​IMG]

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