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Weekly RoundUp 8/23/2005 (1 Viewer)

Mike Frezon

Senior HTF Member
Oct 9, 2001
Rexford, NY
The Weekly RoundUp

The Features

At my signal, unleash hell.
–Russell Crowe as Maximus Meridius (Gladiator – 2000)

Swordsmanship untested in battle is like swimming on land.
– Tatsuya Nakadai as Hanshiro Tsugumo (Harakiri – 1962)

–Harrison Ford (Witness – 1985)

–Robert Fuller, Kevin Tighe & Randolph Mantooth (Emergency!: Season 1 – 1972)

– Kent McCord & Martin Milner (Adam 12: Season 1 – 1968)

The Prices

TITLEAmazonBestBuyCrcCityTargetCostcoAdam-12: Season 1$27.99$33.99$34.99--The Adventures of Ociee Nash$14.98$16.99$15.99--Alf: Season 2$27.99$27.99$34.99$29.99-Audition SE (Uncut)$14.98$14.99$15.99--Battlefield Britain$34.99$44.99$39.99--Beauty Shop$16.98$16.99$14.99$16.99$19.59**Billy Madison SE$11.23$9.99$12.99--Bliss: Season 1$17.47$19.99$19.99--Boudu Saved From Drowning (CC)$20.96$24.99$19.99--Boy Meets World: Season 3$27.99$34.99$34.99--Cape Fear$10.49$12.99$12.99--Clear The Skies$10.48$12.99$12.99--Crusader$18.72$22.99$24.97--Dust to Glory$17.47$22.99$24.97--Emergency!: Season 1$27.99$33.99$34.99--Essential Alfred Hitchcock Collection$14.98-$15.99--Flaming Lips: Void$11.24$12.99$12.99--Flowers of St. Francis (CC)$20.96$24.99$19.99--Four Friends$11.21-$14.94--Futurama: Monster Robot Maniac Fun$10.49$9.99$9.99--Gladiator: Extended Edition$27.99$27.99$24.99$29.99-Good Times: Season 5$20.96$24.99$19.99--** Happy Gilmore SE$11.23$9.99$12.99--Harakiri (CC)$27.96$34.99$34.99--Homeland Security$10.49$12.99$12.99--I Love You, Don’t Touch Me$13.45$12.99$14.94--Inserts$11.20-$14.94--John Wayne Coll. (Amazon Exclusive)$94.42----Killing of Sister George$11.20$12.99$14.94--Kissed$13.45$12.99$14.94--Kung Fu: Season 3$27.99$27.99$32.99--Lackawanna Blues$18.89$19.99$19.99$16.99-**Layer Cake SE$18.87$19.99$17.99--Life As We Know It: Comp. Series$27.99$34.99$34.99--**A Lot Like Love$20.99$16.99$17.99$19.99$18.99New Jack City 2-disc SE$18.89$16.99$14.99--The O.C.: Season 2$48.99$47.99$47.99$45.99$47.99Oldboy$17.49$19.99$19.99--Once & Again: Season 1$41.99$50.99$59.99$44.99-Once & Again: Season 2$41.99$42.99$59.99$44.99-One Last Dance$25.18$16.99$19.99--The Red Tent$10.49$9.99$12.99--**The Ring Two (NR)$15.98$16.99$14.99--The Ring Two (R)$20.99$19.99$24.99$16.99-Ringu 2$20.99$22.99$24.99--Ringu Anthology of Terror$41.99$42.99$55.98--Six Feet Under: Season 4$69.99$79.99$64.99-$69.99That’s My Mama: Season 1$20.96$24.99$24.99--That’s My Mama: Season 2$20.96$24.99$24.99--The Transporter SE$13.99$14.99$12.99--The Truman Show SE$13.99$14.99$17.99--Vincent and Theo$11.20$12.99$14.94--What’s Happening!!: Season 3$20.96$24.99$19.99--Without You, I’m Nothing$11.20$12.99$14.94--Witness SE$13.99$14.99$17.99--A World Apart$11.20$12.99$14.94--

(CC) after a title = a new Criterion Collection release.

Individual Titles included in Collections listed above:

The Essential Alfred Hitchcock Collection: Champagne, Murder!, Number Seventeen, 39 Steps, The Skin Game, Jamaica Inn, Easy Virtue, The Manxman, The Farmer’s Wife.

The John Wayne DVD Collection (Amazon.com exclusive): El Dorado, Hatari!, In Harm’s Way, Rio Lobo, The Sons of Katie Elder, The Shootist, Donovan’s Reef, Big Jake, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, True Grit.

The Ringu Anthology of Terror: Ringu, Rasen, Ringu 2, Ringu 0.

The Disclaimer
Standard disclaimer: All prices are taken from the websites of each chain, or from their printed advertisements, the Sunday of the week of release (so as to catch any week-of-release sale prices). All prices are subject to change by each chain. Prices and inventory in-store may or may not match the website price. If a price is marked "$_N/A_" in the grid, it means that this title is not shown as available on that chain's website or perhaps in their ads...but it COULD still be in-stores!

$_"LP" means the advertisement says "Low Price", and $_"HP" means the advertisement says "Hot Price". Use of either of these in the Roundup grid indicates that I could not locate a definite price for the item, and the ad is all I have to go on. Retailers use these phrases in advertisements so that they do not violate MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) agreements with the studios. Doing so can cost them thousands or even millions of dollars in co-op advertising funds.

I only include the titles I feel like including (or the ones Dave tells me he's looking for ;o)). In fact, the titles are pretty much the ones I'm personally interested in, with few exceptions. I don't get paid for this, and I don't have time to devote to doing every DVD. So, please don't complain. If there is a title not included in the Roundup that you want to see, just look it up yourself, and be nice enough to post and share the results with everyone...like Dave & I do!

Note that Circuit City does not guarantee their sale prices in Hawaii. Also note that I cannot include Wal-Mart/Sam’s Club prices in the standard Roundup: they set prices at individual stores based on nearby competition, so there is not a way I can say here what price you'll find at YOUR local Wal-Mart/Sam’s Club location. When it comes to Wal-Mart/Sam’s Club prices mentioned at all, just remember that "Your Mileage May Vary".

The Specials

**BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL! Quite a few titles are being released in MAR versions! Billy Madison SE AND Happy Gilmore SE AND Layer Cake SE AND A Lot Like Love AND The Ring Two (NR) are available in both OAR and MAR versions...get the correct one!

--Biggest week we’ve had in awhile. Lots of TV-on-DVD this week! And, Criterions and some SEs of prior releases. Even some post 9/11 programs. A little bit of everything!

--Best Buy and Circuit City are both advertising that their copies of The Transporter: Special Delivery Edition contain on-pack movie tickets to see The Transporter 2. In theaters Friday, 9/2/2005. Up to $7.50 value. Minimum 6 per store. No rainchecks.

--Best Buy says you can save $10, instantly, when you buy The O.C.: Seasons 1 ($51.99) AND 2 ($47.99). Purchases must be on same receipt. No rainchecks.

--Target is offering a FREE and EXCLUSIVE pocket calendar with the purchase of The O.C.: Season 2 at their store. Packaged together. Quantity limited; no rain checks.

The Appeal

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First: Parker & Ron have re-formatted the Portal Page to include exclusive HT industry news you won’t find in any place on the HTF! Second: You will help support the Home Theater Forum and keep it up and running.

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The Markdowns

The latest markdowns according to DavisDVD:

EFFECTIVE: August 23, 2005 (Studio/Titles/New SRP)


The Howling: Special Edition ... $14.94


Sasquatch Hunters ... $14.94

Patrick Sun

Senior HTF Member
Jun 30, 1999
Circuit City on sale DVD items:

Band of Brothers 6-disc

Deadwood season 1

Sopranos season 5

Oz season 5

Sex & the City season 6 part 1

Curb Your Enthusiasm season 3

Transporter w/ Transporter 2 movie ticket

$6.99 each:
Barbershop 2
American Me
Over the Top
Donnie Darko
Raising Arizona
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Natural Born Killers
American Beauty
The Pianist


Best Buy on sale DVD items:

Six Feet Under season 4

OC season 1 (save $10 if bought with OC s2)

Queer as Folk season 1

Sin City

Are We There Yet?

$16.99 each:
WWE TombStone

$14.99 each:
Transporter w/ Transporter 2 movie ticket

$9.99 each:
Futurama Monster Robot Maniac Fun
In Good Company
Without a Paddle
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
I Love Huckabees
Blue Collar Comedy Tour
Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason
Meet the Fockers
Lemony Snickets...Unfortunate Events
Assault on Precint 13
Motorcycle Diaries
Apollo 13 2-disc
Friday Night Lights
White Noise
Seed of Chucky
School House Rock!
Shark Tale
Fat Albert
Shrek 2
The Goonies
Scarface 2-disc


Target on sale DVD items:

$14.99 each:
Little Einsteins: Our Big Huge Adventure

$10 each:
The Ring
Calendar Girls
Shrek 2
Shark Tale

$7.50 each:
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
Never Been Kissed
Raising Arizona
SNL: Ferrell
Mission Impossible 2
Honey, I Shrunk the Kids


Second Unit
Mar 8, 2004
Big week.I'm getting:
-ALF:Season 2
-A Lot Like Love
-Layer Cake
-New Jack City:SE
-O.C.:Season 2
-Truman Show:SE

Thanks for the prices Mike and Patrick.

Daryl Stovall

Second Unit
Oct 4, 2002
A very expensive week for me:
- Beauty Shop
- Gladiator: EE
- Good Times Season Five
- Kung Fu Season Three
- The O.C. Season Two
- Old Boy
- The Ring Two (NR)
- Six Feet Under Season Four
- That's My Mama Seasons One & Two
- What's Happening Season Three

Thanks Mike and Patrick, much appreciated.


Senior HTF Member
May 9, 2001
North Texas
Real Name
Gee, everything's so high this week. I was hoping Adam-12 and Emergency would be at least as low as $28. I was also hoping for some RZ deals. Well, if I can afford it all:

Kung Fu
What's Happening

If I can't, I will at least get Adam-12 and Emergency and get the others later.

george kaplan

Senior HTF Member
Mar 14, 2001
Thanks for the roundup.

Well this is looking to be a very minor week for me. I was interested in Witness, but the screenshots on DVDBeaver have convinced me not to upgrade that. I've seen no reviews of the new Gladiator, so I don't know if that's worth an upgrade or not.

Also, Amazon is listing new releases on Tuesday for both E.T. and Monty Python's The Meaning of Life, but again, I haven't heard any details about these, so I don't know if they'll be worth upgrading.

Aside from those, nothing of interest this week whatsoever.

Are they still doing crop&drop widescreen butchering of Kung Fu?


Senior HTF Member
Dec 31, 2003
Real Name
Thanks Mike.

The only remotely interesting item to me this week is Adam 12. Love that show.

Reminder to all Costco members that certain HBO sets are $20 with coupon starting Monday. That'll put many of them in the $30s price wise.


Dane Marvin

Jul 21, 2003
Tons of releases this week! But only two I need: Gladiator EE and Truman Show SE. Whoo hoo! Been looking forward to these!

rob kilbride

Supporting Actor
Mar 12, 2001
Real Name
Rob Kilbride
Does anyone know if the Apollo 13 two disc set has the complete sountrack the way the original set does(if you let the menu screen just play)? I might upgrade if it has the soundtrack. It has all the other bonus features of the original release right?

Joe Fisher

May 11, 2001
Real Name
Joseph E Fisher

The 2 disc set doesn't have the isolated score. All the features are the same as the original release.


Senior HTF Member
Aug 2, 1999
Real Name
Anyone know the price for the hulk game from sunday ads? besides target?



Ken Chui

Supporting Actor
Jun 20, 2003

It is likely MSRP at Best Buy and Circuit City (not advertised in either flyer; expect to pay full price). Your best bet is Target (with the $10 Gift Card offer) or CompUSA (wrong Hulk package is pictured in their flyer, but it should be $39.99 in-store or online).


Senior HTF Member
May 9, 2001
North Texas
Real Name

Where do you get Fry's prices from? I'd love to know if they're lower on Adam-12 and Emergency. My Fry's is getting bad about not having a lot of titles on Tuesday, though.

Kenneth Cummings

Supporting Actor
Aug 7, 2001
Finally a week with dvd releases that I acually want to get. I will get Truman Show later on, but I will get Gladator SE for sure. Thanks for the round up Mike.

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