Weekly RoundUp 4-4-2006

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    The Weekly RoundUp

    The Features

    – Anna Popplewell, William Moseley & Georgie Henley (Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe - 2005)

    – Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger (Brokeback Mountain - 2005)

    – Liza Minnelli (Liza With a “Z” - 1972)

    – Tony Danza & Terrence Howard (Crash - 2005)

    The Prices

    TITLEAmazonBestBuyCrcCityTargetCostco3rd Rock from the Sun: Most Hilarious…$8.99$8.99$9.99--**9 To 5 SE$13.99$14.99$15.99$14.99-2005 Astros: Championship Season$14.99$16.99$15.99--Adv. Of Sherlock…Smarter Brother$9.99$9.99$12.99--Ambulance Girl$9.99$12.99$12.99--The Anniversary$11.19$11.99$12.99--A-Team: Season 4$34.99$39.99$39.99--Bee Season$19.99$19.99$19.99$19.99-Be Still$13.99$15.99$15.99--Blue Thunder SE$14.99$14.99$15.99--**Brokeback Mountain$16.98$16.99$17.99$16.99$18.99Carole Lombard: Glamour Coll.$18.99$22.99$19.99--Category 7: End of the World$19.99$15.99$19.99--Chronicles/Narnia: Lion…Wardrobe CE (2-disc)$23.26$26.99$24.99$29.99$25.99**Chronicles/Narnia: Lion…Wardrobe (1-disc)$19.98$14.99$13.99$14.99-Crash SE (2-disc)$19.96$16.99$17.99$16.99-David Spade Collection$27.99$28.99$34.99--Dawson’s Creek: Season 6$33.96$34.99$34.99$34.99-Dirty (2005)$22.49$22.99$17.99$19.99-Far Side of the Moon$18.69$19.99$19.99--Films of Faith Collection$19.49$24.99$24.99--Full House: Season 3$19.49$21.99$24.99$22.99-Garbage Pail Kids: Complete Series$18.99$22.99$19.99--Knight Rider: Season 4$34.99$39.99$39.99--Little Manhattan$19.99$19.99$19.99$19.99-Liza With a “Z”$19.49$21.99$24.99$22.99-The Long Good Friday$14.99$15.99$15.99--Mae West: Glamour Collection$18.99$22.99$19.99--Magnum, P.I.: Season 4$34.99$34.99$39.99-$33.99Marlene Dietrich: Glamour Collection$18.99$22.99$19.99--Mel Brooks Boxset Collection$68.96$69.99$99.99$79.99-The Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima$14.99$14.99$15.99--Mona Lisa$14.99$15.99$15.99--New York Doll$13.99$19.99$15.99--The Nun’s Story$14.99$14.99$15.99--The President’s Last Bang$20.99$24.99$24.99--Renegade: Season 2 & 3-$29.99---Seven Beauties$19.49$24.99$24.99--Shoes of the Fisherman$14.99$14.99$15.99--Star Trek: Fan Collective/Time Travel$31.96$27.99$34.99--Swept Away…By an Unusual Destiny…$22.49$19.99$19.99--Take Me$26.99$24.99$24.99--Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Season 4$11.19$9.99$12.99--Thank God It’s Friday$13.39$12.99$14.94--Tripping the Rift: Season 2$19.49$19.99$17.99$19.99-Ushpizin$20.99$24.99$19.99--Viewtiful Joe: Volume 2$17.98$22.99$15.99--The World’s Greatest Lover$9.99$9.99$12.99--

    Individual titles included in box sets listed above:

    Carole Lombard: Glamour Collection: Man of the World, We’re Not Dressing, Hands Across the Table, Love Before Breakfast, The Princess Comes Across, True Confession.

    David Spade Collection: Tommy Boy-Holy Shnike Edition, Black Sheep, Dickie Roberts-Former Child Actor.

    Films of Faith Collection: The Nun’s Story, The Shoes of the Fisherman, The Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima.

    Mae West: Glamour Collection: Night After Night, I’m No Angel, Goin’ To Town, Go West Young Man, My Little Chickadee.

    Marlene Dietrich: Glamour Collection: Morocco, Blond Venus, The Devil Is a Woman, Flame of New Orleans, Golden Earrings.

    Mel Brooks Boxset Collection: Blazing Saddles, History of the World Part 1, Robin Hood: Men In Tights, Young Frankenstein, High Anxiety, To Be or Not to Be, Twelve Chairs, Silent Movie.

    The Disclaimer Standard disclaimer: All prices are taken from the websites of each chain, or from their printed Sunday advertisements. All prices are subject to change by each chain. Prices and inventory in-store may or may not match the website price.

    "LP" in the RoundUp table means a store’s Sunday flyer says "Low Price". That means I could not locate a definite price for the item, and the ad is all I have to go on. Retailers use these phrases in advertisements so that they do not violate MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) agreements with the studios. Doing so can cost them thousands or even millions of dollars in co-op advertising funds.

    I, obviously, cannot include EVERY title released in a given week in the RoundUp. The titles included are those that I am interested in...as well as those which I consider will be of interest to a majority of consumers (and sometimes I’ll miss one!). I don't get paid for this, and I don't have the time to list every DVD. So, please don't complain! If there is a title not included in the RoundUp that you want to see, just look it up yourself, and be nice enough to post and share the results with everyone!

    Note that I cannot include Wal-Mart/Sam’s Club prices in the RoundUp. They set prices at individual stores based on nearby competition, so there is no way I can say here what price you'll find at YOUR local Wal-Mart/Sam’s Club location. And, as always, Circuit City does not guarantee their sale prices in Hawaii.

    The Specials

    **BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL! 9 To 5 SE AND Brokeback Mountain AND Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (1-disc) are ALL available in both MAR and OAR versions...get the correct one!

    --Best Buy has got LOTS of special deals this week!

    --To start things off, BB is still working a deal on last week’s big release, King Kong. Save $5, instantly, when you buy King Kong (2005) ($19.99 for 1-disc) and ANY OTHER advertised new release this week. Must be purchased on same receipt.

    --Best Buy is advertising FREE Brokeback Mountain: Story to Screenplay Book, instantly, with the purchase of Brokeback Mountain on DVD. $16 value. (7761219) Minimum 20 per store. No rainchecks.

    --Best Buy is also advertising that you can purchase a CaseLogic 40-0DVD wallet for only $3 (a $19.99 value) with the purchase of The Chronicles of narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. Must be purchased on same receipt. Minimum 45 per store. No rainchecks.

    --Best Buy, this week, continues its deal on Bambi II (are they having a hard time getting rid of these?!). Save $3, instantly, with the purchase of Bambi II and ANY Disney title. That WOULD include Narnia—for anyone who’s interested. Minimum 35 per store. No rainchecks.

    --Best Buy also has a “save $5, instantly, deal” when you buy BOTH Little Manhattan AND Bee Season on DVD ($19.99 apiece). Must be purchased on same receipt.

    --The Best Buy price on Tripping the Rift: Season 2 DVD listed in the table above came from bestbuy.com. The listing shows the same TtR: S2 that will be available at any store. HOWEVER, the Sunday flyers are showing an EXCLUSIVE to Best Buy UNRATED version of the set which is priced at $21.99!

    --You will also notice in the grid that Best Buy also this week has an EXCLUSIVE on Renegade: Seasons 2 & 3 set at $29.99.

    --I think it’s worth mentioning that Best Buy is advertising special prices of $14.99 on Walk the Line (1-disc) and Waiting… (NR). I’m also very surprised to see Roman Polanski’s version of Oliver Twist (2005) in the $7.49 listings! [​IMG]

    --I continue to be at a disadvantage at deadline again this week as my local papers have failed to supply me with an early Circuit City flyer. My CC information has been culled from various internet sources—including circuitcity.com.

    --Circuit City has its own EXCLUSIVE deal when you buy Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe at their stores. FREE DOWNLOAD CONTENT when you buy either the 1-disc or 2-disc Narnia DVDs. Explore the making of the weaponry and discover parts of Narnia which noone else can. Download codes provided at point of sale. Codes valid 4-4-06 thru 4-30-06 and while supplies last. Minimum 80 per store.

    --Circuit City also has the exact same deal as BB to save $5, instantly, when you buy BOTH Little Manhattan AND Bee Season ($19.99 apiece). In-store only. Must be purchased on same receipt.

    --Fans of Tripping the Rift will have a quandary this week. Whether to get the EXCLUSIVE Unrated version at BB…or to go with the Rated version at Circuit City to also get a FREE BONUS DISC which contains never-before-seen pilot episode ($17.99).

    --Worth mentioning that Circuit City is also advertising a FREE SNEAK PEEK DVD featuring the new theatrical release “Take the Lead”. Available with the purchase of ANY DVD movie. Contains behind-the-scenes preview of Take the Lead starring Antonio Banderas and Rob Brown, in theaters everywhere 4-7-2006. Minimum 96 per store. In-store only.

    --Target is offering an EXCLUSIVE this week with The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe…a FREE LITHOGRAPH. Quantity limited; no rainchecks.

    --Target is advertising that they WILL have the 2-disc Narnia DVD…but they list no price in the flyer.

    --Target also has a FREE audio CD available with its copies of Brokeback Mountain on DVD. The CD contains an audio version of the short story Brokeback Mountain by Annie Proulx. Quantity limited; no rainchecks.

    --Target also hauls out their usual FREE $5 GiftCard offer this week with three select titles: Liza With a “Z”, Dawson’s Creek: Season 6, and Full House: Season 3. Quantity limited; no rainchecks.

    --Target is having a HUGE Buy 2, Get 1 FREE sale this week—which involves a combination of $19.99 DVDs and video games (GameCube, Xbox and PS2). Of the 70 total titles involved, eight are DVDs (all Disney): Lady & the Tramp (50th AE), Bambi II, Bambi, Cinderella, Kronk’s New Groove, Herbie Fully Loaded (Lindsey Lohan), Valiant, Sky High.

    --PHEW! Lots of good deals this week on some pretty good titles! Must…get…some…rest! [​IMG]

    The Markdowns

    The latest markdowns according to DavisDVD:

    EFFECTIVE: April 4, 2006 (Studio/Titles/New SRP)

    Buena Vista Home Entertainment

    Blue in the Face, I Love I Love You Not, The Innocent, Love in the Time of Money, My Son the Fanatic, A Price Above Rubies, Priest, Squeeze, Torrents of Spring, The Truce, The Very Thought of You ... $14.99
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    Circuit City on sale DVD items:

    Chronicles of Narnia BBC Boxset $24.99
    Harry Potter & Goblet of Fire $13.99
    King King 2005 $19.99
    Get Rich or Die Tryin’ $19.99

    $7.49 each:
    Matrix: Reloaded
    Hotel Rwanda
    Forrest Gump
    The Thomas Crown Affair (Brosnan / Russo)
    White Chicks
    Armageddon (Non-Criterion)
    League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
    Girl Next Door: Unrated
    American History X
    Walking Tall (The Rock)
    Be Cool
    Starship Troopers
    Last of the Mohicans: Director’s Extended Edition
    Wild At Heart
    Big Daddy
    Liar Liar
    Bruce Almighty
    Donnie Darko (1st version)
    Fast Times at Ridgemont High: Special Edition
    Groundhog Day: Special Edition
    The Professional
    50 First Dates
    Training Day
    Fargo: Special Edition
    At Close Range
    The Biggest Loser: The Workout

    $9.99 each:
    Spider-man/Spider-man 2 2-Pack
    Jaws: 25th Anniversary Edition
    King Arthur: Extended Unrated Edition
    Lord of the Rings : Fellowship of the Ring
    Lord of the Rings : The Two Towers
    Lord of the Rings : The Return of the King
    Harry Potter & Sorcerer’s Stone
    Harry Potter & Chamber of Secrets
    Harry Potter & Prisoner of Azkaban
    Conan: The Complete Quest Set


    Best Buy on sale DVD items:

    Bambi II $19.99
    Cinderella $19.99
    Kronk’s New Groove $19.99
    Finding Nemo $14.99
    (Save $3 Instantly with purchase of Bambi II and any Disney title. Must be purchased on the same receipt)

    Waiting $14.99
    Walk The Line $14.99
    Walk The Line 2 DVD Collector’s Edition $26.99

    $7.49 each:
    Rush Hour 2
    Glengary GlenRoss: Special Edition
    Spider-man 2
    Oliver Twist 2005
    Just One of the Guys
    The Sandlot 2
    How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days
    Hollow Man: Special Edition

    $7.99 each:
    Be Cool
    Hotel Rwanda

    $9.99 each:
    Into The Blue
    The Exorcism Of Emily Rose: Unrated
    The Gospel
    The Cave

    DVD Sets:
    Drawn Together: Season 1 $16.99
    Beavis & Butt-Head: Mike Judge Collection – Volume I $19.99
    Laguna Beach: Season 1 $19.99
    MacGuyver: Season 4 (pictured) $19.99
    SNL: Best of Will Ferrell 2 DVD Set $19.99
    Chappelle’s Show: Season 2 $19.99
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Volume IV $9.99
    West Wing: Season 5 $36.99


    Target on sale DVD items:

    $7.50 each:
    Must Love Dogs
    Mean Girls
    The Last Samurai
    Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory
    A Cinderella Story
    Dirty Dancing: Ultimate Edition

    $10.00 each:
    Kicking & Screaming
    The Wedding Date
    Finding Neverland
    Bride & Prejudice (not Pride and Prejudice)
    The Interpreter
    Wallace & Gromit: Three Amazing Adventures
  3. ChrisBEA

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    Thankls as always! Not much for me this week, though.
  4. Bill Thomann

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    Nov 2, 2003
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    Thanks Mike & Patrick for the roundup. 9 To 5 & Blue Thunder SE are coming from DDD & Narnia 2 disc I'll get at Target with the free litho unless the price is too high. If it is, I'll buy it at CC.
  5. Mike Frezon

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    Rensselaer, NY
    I'll be getting the Narnia 2-disc @ BestBuy this week highest price and all) as I am locked in because of that deal they had a few weeks ago to get $5 off Bambi if you pre-ordered the Narnia DVD with them. In the back of my mind I figured BB would at least be competitive with the other stores. Wrong!

    Hmmmm. The thought just struck me. I don't see why I cannot price match the CC price at BB and at least save a couple of bucks. How does one do that with greatest effect again? Do the price match AFTER you buy the discs...or just go to customer service and do it at checkout? There's a difference at BB, isn't there?

    I maybe getting the Liza With a "Z" disc too sometime. Maybe at Target with the GIftCard deal! [​IMG]
  6. Greg_S_H

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    May 9, 2001
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    North Texas
    Real Name:
    I only want A-Team and Magnum, but I have yet to watch a second of the A-Team S3 box set, and I've only watched a couple of Magnum S3 episodes. The only reason I would get the new sets this week would be for the first week savings, but I think I'd rather save my money altogether and get these as a birthday present or something.
  7. george kaplan

    george kaplan Executive Producer

    Mar 14, 2001
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    Thanks as usual.

    Chronicles of Narnia

    and possibly Mel Brooks collection (depending mostly on more info about the likelihood of ending up with an anamorphic Young Frankenstein).
  8. Dave Corder

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    Aug 28, 2002
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    If you PM at checkout, you get to pay what the competitor is advertising (a 100% pricematch). If you PM after you've already made the purchase, you get the price match plus 10% of the difference (a 110% pricematch). That said, there's nothing to stop you from making a purchase, then walking straight over to customer service instead of heading out the door and requesting your 110% pricematch (I've done that before, but usually I make a purchase, go to Circuit City across the street, then come back for the price match).
  9. Julio Diaz

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    Nov 18, 2005
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    Me, I'm keeping my Amazon Gold Box order of the 2-disc Narnia from a couple of weeks ago -- $22.10. Very glad I didn't bite on the BB pre-order scheme!

    Nothing else I gotta have immediately this week. I'd like the Crash SE, but I can wait on it. And I'd like to see Brokeback, but not as a blind buy at new release prices. I may price-match that CC price on The Girl Next Door (Unrated), though -- I saw and liked the movie and have been waiting for a really good price on it.
  10. Dillon*G

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    Mar 8, 2004
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    I want:
    -Blue Thunder:SE
    -Crash: DC
    -Mel Brooks Collection
    -9 to 5: SE
    -TMNT: Volume 4
    -Tripping the Rift:Season 2
    -Oliver Twist (2005)

    Anyone have any info on Adv... Holmes Smarter Brother or World's Greatest Lover?

    Already received Narnia: 2-Disc (very cool packaging) and have Dawson's Creek:Season 6 on the way.

    Thanks for the prices Mike and Patrick.
  11. David Williams

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    Mar 6, 2001
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    Warning: post contains burning questions! [​IMG]

    The BB offer on Brokeback Mountain is almost too good to be true. Are they really giving away an 180 page book which contains the short story & the screenplay for free? Most of their giveaway items are usually really chintzy... this would be the first time they've done a lux freebie that I can remember (and they haven't jacked the price up either!). A definite [​IMG]

    Unless they ask for more than BB, I'll be snatching up Chronicles of Narnia: TLTWTW with the litho at Target. Does anyone know how good the litho is, or what it looks like? I don't have a copy of the ad (and the Target website hasn't posted it yet).

    Is there really two AR versions of the 9 to 5 SE floating around this week? That seems like a huge waste for a catalog SE. I realize Amazon has two listings for this title, but it looks like a mistake since both are clearly labeled widescreen.
  12. TonyD

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    Disney World and Universal Florida
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    Tony D.
    bb also did this for war of the worlds.
    very nice book containing the screenplay and photos and an interview with, hmm who was it, the dp maybe?

    seems like the 2 discer have been inching their way up the last few months or so.
    from 21-22.99 now around 24.99 or higher.

    i'd love to get narnia but it's just too much.

    i didnt know holmes smarter brother was out this week.
    one of my favorite non mel brooks movies that could almost have been a mel brooks movie.

    the brooks collection needs to get the kinks worked out first too.

    i thought i saw somewere sometime that gene wilder wanted to make his own movie modeled after brooks style and this was it.

    i'd like to see worlds greatest lover again.
    havnet seen it since it was in the movies.

    also as louis said price match after purchase simply buy it then walk over to the desk to do the match without leaving the store.
  13. Peter Apruzzese

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    Peter Apruzzese
    The 2-disc NARNIA set will be Tower Video's special this week for only $16.99.

    EDIT - this is incorrect, the 2-disc will be $22.99, the single will be $16.99
  14. Chris Minogue

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    Dec 16, 2005
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    That Best Buy deal on Brokeback is amazing. I am also interested in the audio cd from Target.

    I guess I'll just buy two copies.

    Thanks, as always for the roundup!
  15. EricSchulz

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    Here's some Target info that I have "left over" from my Round-Up reporting days:
    The 2 disc Narnia is regularly priced at $29.99...I have no info that it will be reduced from that during its first week.
    There are two versions of "9 to 5", and AGAIN Target is doing that wacky price difference between the WS and FF versions: WS: $14.99, FF: $13.78
    I am POSITIVE that Target is carrying the Mel Brooks Set but can't find my price info on it. $79.99 sticks in my head, but I will confirm on Tuesday.

    As for me, I'll be getting Brokeback Mountain, but am torn between the deals at Target and Best Buy.
  16. Tino

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    Apr 19, 1999
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    Metro NYC
    Real Name:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  17. Bob Graham

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    May 11, 2001
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    Real Name:
    Bob Graham
    I just noticed that the MAE WEST GLAMOUR SET does not include SHE DONE HIM WRONG. I'm scratcing my head over this one. It's the same mistake Universal made on the LD boxset.
  18. Kenneth Cummings

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    Aug 7, 2001
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    Well the only thing for me this week is Nardia. It's a blindbuy, but I should like it. I read half the book in elementary school, and it pretty good at that time.
  19. Julio Diaz

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    Nov 18, 2005
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    You sure about that? I did check that last night, and again this morning. They have the single disc version listed on the Web site at $16.99, but the two-disc is listed at $22.99.

    If anyone finds the two-disc at $16.99, please let us all know!
  20. TravisR

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    Nov 15, 2004
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    The basement of the FBI building
    Nothing for me this week. Although I'll probably rent Brokeback Mountain.

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