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David Lambert

Senior HTF Member
Aug 3, 2001
Where's the money, Daddy?

[c] [/c]

Standard disclaimer: All prices are taken from the websites of each chain, or from their printed advertisements, the Sunday of the week of release (so as to catch any week-of-release sale prices). All prices are subject to change by each chain. Prices and inventory in-store may or may not match the website price. If a price is marked "$_N/A_" in the grid, it means that this title is not shown as available on that chain's website or perhaps in their ads...but it COULD still be in-stores!

$_"LP" means the advertisement says "Low Price", and $_"HP" means the advertisement says "Hot Price". Use of either of these in the Roundup grid indicates that I could not locate a definate price for the item, and the ad is all I have to go on. Retailers use these phrases in advertisements so that they do not violate MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) agreements with the studios. Doing so can cost them thousands or even millions of dollars in co-op advertising funds.

I only include the titles I feel like including. In fact, the titles are pretty much the ones I'm personally interested in, with few exceptions. I don't get paid for this, and I don't have time to devote to doing every DVD. I have a lovely wife and a five-year-old son I'd rather spend time with. Please don't complain. If there is a title not included in the Roundup that you want to see, just look it up yourself, and be nice enough to post and share the results with everyone...like I do!

Note that Circuit City does not guarantee their sale prices in Hawaii.

American Family: S1_______$52.49__$66.99__$69.99__$_N/A___$_N/A___$48.87
The Awful Truth: S1/S2____$52.46__$46.99__$69.99__$_N/A___$39.99__$_N/A_
Babylon 5: S2_____________$74.99__$79.99__$99.99__$_N/A___$69.99__$74.87
Best of John Wayne Set #1_$29.99__$38.99__$34.99__$_N/A___$_N/A___$_N/A_
Best of John Wayne Set #2_$29.99__$44.99__$34.99__$_N/A___$_N/A___$_N/A_
Big Jake__________________$14.99__$17.99__$17.99__$_N/A___$_N/A___$_N/A_
Dark Shadows Collection 5_$44.99__$52.99__$49.99__$_N/A___$_N/A___$38.22
Le Mans___________________$14.99__$17.99__$17.99__$_N/A___$_N/A___$_N/A_
Little Big Man____________$14.99__$17.99__$17.99__$_N/A___$_N/A___$_N/A_
A Man Called Horse________$14.99__$17.99__$17.99__$_N/A___$_N/A___$_N/A_
Mr. Bean: The Whole Bean__$37.46__$33.19__$39.99__$_N/A___$33.99__$_N/A_
Napoleon: Miniseries - LE_$37.46__$38.99__$39.99__$_N/A___$_N/A___$_N/A_
Paul Verhoeven Coll. - LE_$67.49__$54.99__$99.99__$_N/A___$_N/A___$_N/A_
Rio Lobo__________________$14.99__$17.99__$17.99__$_N/A___$_N/A___$_N/A_
Son Of The Beach: Vol. #1_$29.99__$29.99__$34.99__$_N/A___$_N/A___$_N/A_
The Swimmer_______________$14.96__$17.99__$17.99__$_N/A___$_N/A___$_N/A_
Treasure Island___________$22.49__$_N/A___$22.99__$_N/A___$17.29__$_N/A_
Treasure Planet___________$22.49__$19.99__$18.99__$_"LP"__$18.29__$19.87
Two Weeks Notice - WS_____$20.99__$16.99__$15.99__$15.99__$17.99__$_N/A_
Walk, Don't Run (C.Grant)_$18.71__$22.99__$19.99__$_N/A___$_N/A___$_N/A_
X-Men: Legend/Wolverine___$14.99__$14.99__$12.99__$14.99__$13.99__$_N/A_
Xena-Warrior Princess: S1_$67.49__$59.99__$99.99__$_N/A___$_N/A___$52.86

* BE CAREFUL! Two Week's Notice is available in both Widescreen and Fullscreen versions...get the correct one. Note that Target will probably have both versions on shelves, but that their ad only shows the Fullscreen version. :frowning:

* Purchasers of Treasure Planet should recall that the Woman's Day magazine coupon for $3 off many titles included this item. That coupon was in several other mags as well, including TV Guide. So I hope you saved one for this week! Also, Disney says that you can "Save $4 instantly when you purchase the Academy Awared-nominated film Treasure Planet (Best Animated Feature, 2002) on DVD or Video and the original classic Treasure Island on DVD. For complete details, see coupons on packages of the Treasure Island DVD." Since this is an "instant" rebate, the items must be bought at the same time, I'm sure. Thanks to Jake Lipson for the info and the link!

* Target's "Low Price" for Treasure Planet seems to be $15.99, but take that with a grain of salt. However, they definately have a free 8 ounce bag of Mini-Oreos for anyone who purchases that title! Their ad doesn't *say* that they are stocking Treasure Island as well, but I sure hope they do so I can take advantage of the above offer! Hey...did you notice that Best Buy isn't listing the DVD version of the 1950 Disney film Treasure Island? If anyone can dig up a Best Buy entry for that, please post a link.

* However, Best Buy (and presumably sister chains like FutureShop/Suncoast/MediaPlay/Sam Goody) DOES have Xena: Warrior Princess - Season 1 sets coming with a free Bonus Disc that has a 1-hour "What You Didn't Know About Xena" featurette (don't forget about the Xena coins and the contest for the Golden Sword, either!):

* Wow, American Family - Season 1 sure is high-priced everywhere except Sam's Club, eh? Well, I guess you're out of luck if you're not a Sam's Club member, eh? WAIT! Maybe not! Take a look here for a 1-Day pass good until the end of May. There IS a 10% service fee for non-members, but that still makes this title $13 cheaper than the least-expensive alternative! I'm sure there are other titles that this would be advantageous with. Oh, yeah...Dark Shadows Collection #5! :D Xena, too...but only by a buck or so (and you don't get the bonus disc). For the latter title, I recommend Best Buy.

The latest markdowns according to VideoTropics web site (DVD Title/Old SRP/New SRP):
• Excess Baggage $27.95 $19.95
• High School High $27.95 $19.95
• SLC Punk $27.95 $19.95
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Randy B A

Supporting Actor
Feb 11, 2002
I wonder if that $4.00 rebate will work for me since I have the treasure planet pre-ordered through the disney store? Oh well I guess I will find out tuesday when I pick it up.

Bob Pierce

Stunt Coordinator
Aug 24, 2001
Thanks again for the roundup!

I just have to say that I'm really surprised that some B&M retailer didn't take advantage of the opportunity to cross-sell Treasure Island and Treasure Planet with some kind of decent promotion. I was kind of counting on that. Guess I'll have to go with the magazine coupon and Disney rebate!

Looks like I'm going online for Little Big Man (a big favorite!), Man Called Horse and The Swimmer this week. If anyone notices any more good deals on Treasure Island , please post!

Good hunting,

- Bob

David Lambert

Senior HTF Member
Aug 3, 2001
Here's a link for Treasure Island (1950) at Best Buy.com
Priced at $24.99

Jeff, thanks for the Best Buy link. I can't figure out why the heck I couldn't find it! :eek:

By-the-way, I figure that Costco will have most or all of the Paramount titles for $11.99, based on the Paramount finds there last week.

If anyone is unaware of the contents of the Best of John Wayne Collection box sets, then let me fill you in:

Set #1:
* Rio Lobo
* El Dorado
* True Grit

Set #2:
* Big Jake
* The Shootist
* The Sons of Katie Elder

(So it's one new-to-DVD Duke flick plus two older ones in each set.)

Matthew Chmiel

Senior HTF Member
Apr 26, 2000
There's only one DVD I'm buying this week, and it's not even on the roundup. :frowning:

100 Girls fans reprezent in da hizzhouze and buy the sequel! :)

And since it's a Lions Gate DVD, I'll have to go to Tower since Best Buy, Circuit City, and Borders won't be carrying it on release date. :)


Supporting Actor
Sep 20, 2000
Hancock, MA - The Berkshires
Real Name
I figure that Costco will have most or all of the Paramount titles for $11.99, based on the Paramount finds there last week
Pray tell, what did you find there David?? Also are the two old in each the same four that were in the old JW set? My local Wal Mart still has that set on the shelf priced at $59.99, a bit high for 4 flicks, yes? BTW, DDD has the new sets for $28.73 each with free shipping, that's $57.46 for 6 flicks, a better buy I guess. I wonder what the quality of the movies are. Anyone seen them?

David Lambert

Senior HTF Member
Aug 3, 2001
Matthew, I never heard of it.

Dave_Jr: What did I find there? Read last week's Roundup thread post on the subject.

If you are talking about this old set, then obviously the answer is "yes"...minus Liberty Valance. I don't know why $60 for 5 DVDs is "high"...that's $12 each. Highly acceptable. But this new pair of sets is a slightly better deal at $10 each, especially from Amazon. I can't wait to see what Costco has these for...I don't want to wait for delivery.

Quality is normal Paramount-levels high, of course.

David Lambert

Senior HTF Member
Aug 3, 2001
DeepDiscountDVD has THE AWFUL TRUTH S1/S2 for $37.21 shipped.
Not to pick on this post in particular, but I have to say that I'm confused as to why, week-in and week-out, people come here to THIS thread and post e-tailer info.

I DO post Amazon's prices, but just as a "baseline", to give us some guidance as to how the average e-tailer is handling the pricing on these titles. So that we can see how the B&M prices compare to the on-line pricing.

For anyone who REALLY wants the benefit of e-tailer pricing, which I won't argue is better, then all you have to do to get the best price is visit DVD Price Search.

I started the Weekly Roundup for those of us who prefer to visit brick-and-mortar stores.

The mentions of e-tailers is not exactly unwelcome, just confusing. Especially since DDD is inevitably the one that is mentioned...just about every time! :eek: Why is that?

Tim Glover

Senior HTF Member
Jan 12, 1999
Monroe, LA
Real Name
Tim Glover
Treasure Planet & Treasure Island for me. Thanks for ALL the hard work you do here Dave! It is nice to look here to see who has what and for the best deal. Thanks again. :)

Dan Rudolph

Senior HTF Member
Dec 30, 2002
What is up with Circuit City pricing things over MSRP? Both Xena and Babylon 5 S2 are more here. it's only a penny in B5's case, but Xena's $10 over.


Senior HTF Member
Oct 22, 2001
It's a heavy week for me again: Antoine Doinel set, Paul Verhoeven Set, and Treasure Planet. I hope that Target price of $15.99 for TP is correct.

John Berggren

Senior HTF Member
Jun 17, 1999
Thanks. B5 for me. Xena for my partner.

I wonder if anyone has seen a great price for X-men 1.5? My being pissed off that it's still called 1.5 has worn off, and I'd like to watch it in DTS before Friday :).

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