Weekly RoundUp 11-21-2006

Mike Frezon

Oct 9, 2001
Rensselaer, NY
The Weekly RoundUp

The Features

– A Fish Called Wanda – 1988

– Hugh Jackman, Scarlett Johansson & Woody Allen (Scoop - 2006)

- Cast (Star Trek: Animated Series – 1973)

– O’Henry’s Full House – 1952

– Cast (Match Game – 1973-79)

The Prices

SD-DVD TITLEAmazonBestBuyCrcCityTargetCostcoAbbott & Costello: in H’wood/Lost-Harem$11.19$9.99$12.99 - - Alias : Season 5$27.87$29.99$27.99$29.99$27.99Alias: Complete Series$139.87$159.99$199.99 - - Another Gay Movie$18.69$19.99$19.99 - - Been Rich All My Life$22.49$19.99$19.99 - - Best of Match Game Collection$29.99$21.99$19.99 - - Boston Legal: Season 2$41.99$34.99$39.99$44.99 - Bob Dylan: Unauthorized Docs.$31.49$29.99$19.99 - - Charlotte’s Web Gift Set$11.19$9.99$12.99 - - Classic Comedy Teams Collection$21.69$24.99$19.99 - - Claude Chabrol’s Tales of Deceit$80.99$99.99$89.95 - - Da Ali G Show: Compleet Seereez$34.99$34.99$34.99 - - The Double Life of Veronique (CC)$27.88$34.99$34.99 - - Dr. Katz, Prof. Therapist: Season 2$17.87$21.99$19.99 - - Dr. Seuss’ How Grinch Stole… DE$13.99$14.99$12.99$14.99 - Elvis Presley: Ed Sullivan Shows$22.49$19.99$24.99 - - Family Affair: Season 2$27.99$34.99$34.99 - - A Fish Called Wanda SE$20.19$19.99$17.99 - - Grand Theft Auto SE$17.99$14.99$17.99 - - Glamour Girls$44.99$44.99$39.99 - - Giuliani Time$16.99$19.99$19.99 - - H6: Diary of a Serial Killer$15.99$19.99$19.99 - - Home Alone SE$16.98$14.99$12.99$14.99 - How I Met Your Mother: Season 1$27.99$32.99$27.99 - - **Ice Age: The Meltdown$15.87$15.99$12.99$14.99$19.49Ice Age: The Meltdown DE (Target) - - - $22.99 - An Inconvenient Truth$16.98$19.99$19.99$17.99$19.49Laurel/Hardy: Air Raid/Nothing But…$11.19$12.99$12.99 - - Miracle on 34th Street SE (1947)$14.99$14.99$12.99 - - O’Henry’s Full House$17.99$14.99$15.99 - - Perry Mason: Season 1 Vol. 2$34.85$42.99$39.99 - - Perry Mason: Season 1 Vol. 1 & 2$62.99 - $98.98 - - Preston Sturges Filmmaker Coll.$41.81$49.99$49.99 - - Pokemon: Season 1$29.99$34.99$34.99 - - The Punisher: Extended Cut$14.99$14.99$12.99 - - Saint of 9/11$18.69$19.99$19.99 - - Scoop$18.87$19.99$19.99$19.99 - Seinfeld: Season 7$33.88$34.99$29.99$29.99$33.99So Notorious: Season 1$18.87$21.99$16.99 - - Star Trek: Animated Series$38.49$45.99$39.99 - - Ten Commandments: The Musical$12.88$19.99$19.99 - - The Thief & The Cobbler$13.99$14.99$15.99 - - Three Stooges: Meet Baron/Gold Raiders$11.19$12.99$12.99 - - Tony Bennett: American Classic$11.47 - $12.99 - - Wah-wah$22.49$22.99$24.97 - - Wassup Rockers$18.69$19.99$19.99 - - World Series 2006: Tigers/Cardinals$14.99$17.99$15.99 - - **You, Me & Dupree$18.87$16.99$12.99$17.99$19.49

HD-DVD TITLEAmazonBestBuyCrcCityTargetCostcoHow Grinch Stole Xmas (Carrey)$23.95$24.99$33.99 - - You, Me & Dupree$27.95$39.99$39.98 - -

BLU-RAY TITLEAmazonBestBuyCrcCityTargetCostcoAnnapolis$23.95$29.99$34.00 - - Casanova$23.95$29.99$34.00 - - Enemy of the State$23.95$29.99$34.00 - - Flight Plan$23.95$29.99$34.00 - - Goal! The Dream Begins$23.95$29.99$34.00 - - Ice Age: The Meltdown$27.88$34.99$39.98 - - Sky High$23.95$29.99$34.00 - - The Wild$23.95$29.99$34.00 - -

(CC) after a title = New release in the Criterion Collection.

Individual titles included in box sets listed above:

Classic Comedy Teams Collection: Abbott & Costello: …in Hollywood/Lost in a Harem, Laurel & Hardy: Air Raid Wardens/Nothing But Trouble, Three Stooges: Meet the Baron/Gold Raiders.

Claude Chabrol’s Tales of Deceit: Betty, The Color of Lies, Cop Au Vin, L’enfer, Inspector Lavardin.

Glamour Girls: Love Me Tonight, The Blue Angel, Pandora and the Flying Dutchman, The Good Fairy, Lured.

Preston Sturges Filmmaker Collection: Christmas in July, The Great McGinty, The Great Moment, Hail the Conquering Hero, The Lady Eve, The Palm Beach Story, Sullivan’s Travels.

The Disclaimer Standard disclaimer: All prices are taken from the websites of each chain, or from their printed Sunday advertisements. All prices are subject to change by each chain. Prices and inventory in-store may or may not match the website price.

"LP" in the RoundUp table means a store’s Sunday flyer says "Low Price". That means I could not locate a definite price for the item, and the ad is all I have to go on. Retailers use these phrases in advertisements so that they do not violate MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) agreements with the studios. Doing so can cost them thousands or even millions of dollars in co-op advertising funds.

I, obviously, cannot include EVERY title released in a given week in the RoundUp. The titles included are those that I am interested in...as well as those which I consider will be of interest to a majority of consumers (and sometimes I’ll miss one!). I don't get paid for this, and I don't have the time to list every DVD. So, please don't complain! If there is a title not included in the RoundUp that you want to see, just look it up yourself, and be nice enough to post and share the results with everyone!

Note that I cannot include Wal-Mart/Sam’s Club prices in the RoundUp. They set prices at individual stores based on nearby competition, so there is no way I can say here what price you'll find at YOUR local Wal-Mart/Sam’s Club location. And, as always, Circuit City does not guarantee their sale prices in Hawaii.

The Specials

**BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL! Ice Age: The Meltdown AND You, Me & Dupree are available in both OAR and MAR versions...get the correct one(s)!

--Amazon.com is still having a special offer on Blu-Ray & HD-DVD discs: Save an additional 10% on all of your Blu-ray & HD-DVD Disc purchases for the next year. Purchase three Blu-ray or HD-DVD Discs right now, and you'll automatically qualify to receive an additional 10% off all of your high-definition DVD purchases for one year. To receive a 10% discount on your three high-def Discs upon checkout, use this claim code: HDDISC10. Go HERE for details.

--Lots of good Seinfeld deals this week. Best Buy has seasons 1-6 of Seinfeld on sale for $19.99 apiece when purchased with Seinfeld: Season 7. Must be purchased on same receipt.

--Best Buy also has a promotion that if you buy Ice Age: The Meltdown you can get ANY of the following DVDs for $5: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Home Alone 2, The Sandlot, The Secret of Nimh. Must be purchased on same receipt.

--Best Buy has a big slate of $6.99 DVDs this week—some good titles…and a slate of $13.99 Disney DVDs which include The Little Mermaid and Lady & the Tramp.

--Best Buy Odds & Ends: BB is advertising a price of $29.99 apiece on the Season 2 releases of Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy and Lost.

--Circuit City has a FREE EXCLUSIVE BONUS DVD with the purchase of How I Met Your Mother: Season 1 on DVD. “A Week in the Life”.

--Another EXCLUSIVE for Circuit City this week with a FREE MONTH OF GAMEZNFLIX with the purchase of Ice Age: The Meltdown on DVD. $8/99 value.

--Circuit City also has an EXCLUSIVE FREE RINGTONE with its copies of You, Me & Dupree. Download your favorite catchphrase from the movie. Choose from 4 ringtones.

--Circuit City also has a price of just $14.99 apiece on Seinfeld: Seasons 1-6!

--Circuit City has a FREE $5 GIFTCARD with the purchase of: Alias: Season 5 AND/OR Boston Legal: Season 2.

--Circuit has big slates of $3.99 and $6.99 DVDs.

--Circuit City Odds & Ends: CC also has Seasons 1-4 of Alias on sale for $39.99 apiece. CC also has a price of $27.99 on Charmed: Season 6, Desperate Housewives: Season 2, Grey’s Anatomy: Season 2, Lost: Season 2, The Godfather Collection and Looney Tunes Golden Collections: Volumes 1 – 3.

--Target also continues its trend of its own special editions of new releases with an EXCLUSIVE 2-DISC DELUXE EDITION OF Ice Age: The Meltdown which includes a FREE BONUS DVD with games, screen savers, behind-the-scenes footage and the Fox Movie Channel premiere for $22.99. Quantities limited. No rainchecks.

--Target has brought back its popular FREE $5 GIFTCARD this week with: Boston Legal: Season 2.

The Markdowns

The latest markdowns according to DavisDVD:

EFFECTIVE: November 21, 2006 (Studio/Titles/New SRP)

None to report.

Patrick Sun

Senior HTF Member
Jun 30, 1999
Circuit City on sale DVD items:

M:I: III - 2-disc Collector's Edition $22.99
Over The Hedge $12.99
The DaVinci Code: 2-disc Special Edition $19.99
IL DIVO: LIVE At The Greek $9.99
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation $9.99
Bad Santa: Director's Cut $9.99
ELF $9.99
A Christmas Story $9.99
It's A Wonderful Life: 60th Anniversary Edition $9.99
A Charlie Brown Christmas $9.99

$3.99 each:
Stir Of Echoes
And Justice For All
Boat Trip: Unrated
Jet LI: Black Mask
Universal Soldier
Rambo: First Blood Part II - Ultimate Edition
The Long Kiss Goodnight
Matrix: Reloaded
Matrix: Revolutions
Cabin Fever
The Ninth Gate
What A Girl Wants
Knockaround Guys
The Brothers
Rush Hour 2
Under Siege

$6.99 each:
The Notebook
Blade: Trinity
GoodFellas (shows 1st pressing)
Pearl Harbor
Sin City
Batman Begins
Harry Potter and the Prisoner Of Azkaban
Harry Potter and the Chamber Of Secrets
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

DVD Sets:
Seinfeld: Season 1 + 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 $14.99 each
Curb Your Enthusism: Season 5 $29.99
American Wrestling Assocation $17.99
Alias: Season 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 $39.99 each
Boston Legal: Season 1 $19.99
Sex And The City: Season 1 $17.99
Sex And The City: All Other Seasons $10 Off
The Simpsons: Season 8 (Maggie Head) $19.99
The Unit: Season 1 $19.99
Stargate SG-1: Season 9 $19.99
Firefly: THe Complete Series $19.99
That 70's Show: Season 5 $19.99
Weeds: Season 1 $19.99
Family Guy: Volume II - Season 3 $19.99
24: Season 1 $22.99
Prison Break: Season 1 $22.99
The Shield: Season 4 $22.99
Chappelle's Show: Season 2 Uncensored $22.99
Grey's Anatomy: Season 2 Uncut $27.99
LOST: Season 2 Extended Experience $27.99
Desperate Housewives: Season 2 $27.99
Charmed: Season 6 $27.99
The Godfather DVD Collection $27.99
Looney Tunes: Golden Collection Volume III $27.99
Looney Tunes: Golden Collection Volume I / II $27.99 each
Born To Controversy: The Roddy Piper Story $14.99
Kevin Costner DVD (Collection) $14.99
Wesley Snipes Collection $14.99
Clint Eastwood Cop Collection $14.99
Michael Douglas Collection $14.99
Harrison Ford Collection $14.99


Best Buy on sale DVD items:

The Wild $15.99
The Break-Up $16.99
U2: 18 Singles DVD $13.99
IL Divo: Live At The Greek $9.99
Chicken Little $13.99
The Shaggy Dog $13.99
The Little Mermaid: Platinum Edition $13.99
The Chronicles Of Narnia (2005) $13.99
Eight Below $13.99
Brother Bear 2 $13.99
The Lady & The Tramp: 2-disc Edition $13.99

$6.99 each:
Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone
Harry Potter and the Chamber Of Secrets
Harry Potter and the Prisoner Of Azkaban
Shark Tale
Top Gun (1st Pressing)
Tommy Boy (1st Pressing)
Clueless (1st Pressing)
Charlie & The Chocolate Factory
Batman Begins
Blade: Trinity
Footloose (1st Pressing)
The Notebook

DVD Sets:
Voltron: Volume II $22.99
Lost: Season 2 Extended Experience $29.99
Desperate Housewives: Season 2 $29.99
Grey’s Anatomy: Season 2 Uncut $29.99

Seinfeld: Season 1 + 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 $39.99 each


Target on sale DVD items:

Chicken Little $14.99
The Little Mermaid $14.99
Eight Below $14.99
The Lady & THe Tramp $14.99
Brother Bear 2 $14.99
The Chronicles of Narnia (2005) $14.99

DVD Sets:
Seinfeld: Season 1+2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 $19.99 each
Grey's Anatomy: Season 2 Uncut $29.99
LOST: Season 2 Extended Experience $29.99

Chris S

Senior HTF Member
Apr 9, 2000
Real Name
Chris S
Thanks for the Roundup!

Just picking up How the Grinch Stole Christmas DE this week. I also wanted to point out and recommend Firefly ($19.99) at CC.


Senior HTF Member
Dec 30, 2002
Bonus Disc with Family Guy Vol. 4????

It came out last week and I ended up buying it from Costco.

Anyone know what's up with this and what is on the disc?

Dax P

Stunt Coordinator
Apr 30, 2003
The Target Family Guy disc has a preview of Seth MacFarlane's upcoming The Winner, and... haven't seen any further details than that on it.

There is also a Wal-Mart bonus disc (packaged with 4 OR previous volumes- look for stickers)... I understand it's just 20 minutes of a Comic-Con panel.


Senior HTF Member
Dec 31, 2003
Real Name
Thanks for the Round-up.

Perry Mason Vol 2 and Classic Comedy Teams already on their way with Preston Sturges a real possibility if I can find a good price. One can never get too much William Demerest in their home video library.



Aug 11, 1998
Columbia, MO
Real Name
Wow! Thanks guys!

This will be a big, bad week for me as a lot of TV on DVD I've been waiting for finally arrives...

Alias : Season 5
Boston Legal: Season 2
Seinfeld: Season 7
Star Trek: Animated Series

And... A Fish Called Wanda SE

On Friday, I will pick up Arrested Development: Season 3 at Best Buy.

Also, I would love to get the Alias "Rambaldi" box set simply because it looks so cool, but with everything else coming out over the next couple of weeks, I'll have to settle for the five individual season sets.

John Carr

Stunt Coordinator
May 25, 2004
Thanks, once again, for all the great work Mike and Patrick. Much appreciated!

Big week for me:

Boston Legal #2
Seinfeld #7 (and #3 which I missed on the last big discounted sale)
Desperate Housewifes #2 (how can you pass it up at this price?)
Looney Tunes #2, #3, and #4
Preston Sturges Collection (Highly recommended if you love screwball comedy)


Senior HTF Member
Jan 6, 2004
Seinfeld And Perry Mason for me...possibly "Grinch" based on any reviews I see.

Looks like possibly waiting on TV sets (rather than purchasing during release week) is becoming a viable option, especially for less important titles...and it gives me time to catch up on all the sets I already own!

Andrea W

Supporting Actor
Mar 19, 2001
Real Name
Andrea Whitlock
Thanks for the roundup, Mike.

Ice Age 2 and Pokemon S1 for me and my little pokemon trainers at home...


Senior HTF Member
Jul 17, 2000
Upstate NY
Real Name
Thanks for the prices, guys, and Happy Thanksgiving.

This week, it's looking like Abbott & Costello, Home Alone SE (finally!), Seinfeld S7 and that Alias complete set (from DVDPlanet's sale).

Marty M

Senior HTF Member
Dec 6, 1998
It's Inconvenient Truth for me from Amazon. I also have order the new Loreena McKinnett CD to get free shipping. Amazon has a great price on this CD for anyone who is interested.

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