Weekly RoundUp 11-15-2005

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    Rensselaer, NY
    The Weekly RoundUp

    The Features

    – Peggy Wood and Julie Andrews (The Sound of Music - 1965)

    – The Cast (Oklahoma! – 1955)

    – Yogi Bear & Huckleberry Hound (Hanna-Barbera Animation – 1960s)

    – Bruce Springsteen & the East Street Band (Born to Run - 1975)

    – “Space, the final frontier…” (Star Trek: 1966-2002)

    The Prices

    TITLEAmazonBestBuyCrcCityTargetCostcoBruce Springsteen: Born To Run$25.98$29.99$24.99$23.98-Charmed: Season 3$32.49$34.99$32.99$29.99-Cheers: Season 7$27.29$34.99$34.99--Fantasy Island: Season 1$34.96$34.99$39.99$39.99-Fighting Sullivans: Commemorative Ed.$22.49----Flintstones: Season 4$31.49$35.99$34.99--Frasier: Season 7$27.29$34.99$34.99--Frasier: Complete Series (32-disc)$209.99$275.38$323.98-$199.99Friends: Season 10$29.24$29.99$27.94$27.99$28.99Friends: Complete Series (40-disc)$195.98$199.99$299.98--Golden Girls: Lifetime Portrait Series$13.48-$12.99--Happy Endings SE$19.59$21.99$19.99--Hard Promises$11.20$12.99$14.94--Harold Lloyd Comedy Coll. Set$62.89$62.99$99.99--The Heavenly Kid$11.20$12.99$14.94--Home Movies: Season 3$24.49$25.99$29.99--Huckleberry Hound: Volume 1$31.49$35.99$34.99--Jane Goodall: Return to Gombe$11.20$12.99$14.94--King Kong (Anim. ’66): Vol. 1$9.09$11.99$9.99--King Kong (Anim. ’66): Vol. 2$9.09$11.99$9.99--Love at Stake$13.45$12.99$14.94--**Madagascar$15.98$16.99$14.99$14.99$19.49Man Show: Season 4$13.99$14.99$15.99--O.C. and Stiggs$11.20$12.99$14.94--Oklahoma! (50th Anniversary Edition)$20.23$24.99$19.99$19.99-Old Yeller: 2-movie Collection$20.99$19.99$19.99$19.99-Oprah Winfrey Show (20th Anniv. Edition)$35.74$39.99$39.99$39.99$37.99Peacemaker: Complete Coll. (5-disc)$67.48$68.99$99.99--Pray TV$11.20$12.99$14.94--Rikky and Pete
    $11.20$12.99$14.94--Scrubs: Season 2$27.99$29.99$27.99$29.99$27.99**The Skeleton Key$18.98$16.99$17.99$19.99-The Sound of Music (40th Anniv. Edition)$18.89$16.99$16.99$14.99-Spongebob Squarepants: Where’s Gary?$11.89$14.99$12.99--Star Trek: Ultimate Collection (212-discs)$2,499.99----Stargate Atlantis: Season 1$41.96$39.99$49.99--State Fair: (60th Anniversary Edition)$20.23$24.99$19.99--**Stealth$16.98$16.99$16.99$19.99-That ‘70s Show: Season 3$34.99$32.99$39.99$32.99-Three’s Company: Season 5$27.99$24.99$34.99--Tru-Calling: Season 2$18.89$22.99$19.99--U2: Vertigo$13.99$12.99$13.99$11.98-U2: Vertigo – Deluxe Edition$23.09$22.79$31.99--Yogi Bear Show: Complete Series$31.49$35.99$34.99--

    Individual Titles included in Collections listed above:

    Monty Python Box Set: Monty Python and the Holy Grail. And Now For Something Completely Different, The Adventures of Baron Munchausen.
    Old Yeller 2-Movie Collection: Old Yeller, Savage Sam.

    Star Trek Ultimate Collection (212-discs): Star Trek – The Original Series: Complete Series, Star Trek – The Next Generation: Complete Series, Star Trek – Deep Space Nine: Complete Series, Star Trek: Voyager: Complete Series, Star Trek – Enterprise: Complete Series, Star Trek – The Motion Picture, Star Trek – The Wrath of Khan, Star Trek III – The Search for Spock, Star Trek IV – The Voyage Home, Star Trek V – The Final Frontier, Star Trek VI – The Undiscovered Country, Star Trek - Generations, Star Trek – First Contact, Star Trek – Insurrection, Star Trek - Nemesis.

    The Disclaimer Standard disclaimer: All prices are taken from the websites of each chain, or from their printed Sunday advertisements. All prices are subject to change by each chain. Prices and inventory in-store may or may not match the website price.

    "LP" in the RoundUp table means a store’s Sunday flyer says "Low Price". That means I could not locate a definite price for the item, and the ad is all I have to go on. Retailers use these phrases in advertisements so that they do not violate MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) agreements with the studios. Doing so can cost them thousands or even millions of dollars in co-op advertising funds.

    I, obviously, cannot include EVERY title released in a given week in the RoundUp. The titles included are those that I am interested in...as well as those which I consider will be of interest to a majority of consumers (and sometimes I’ll miss one!). I don't get paid for this, and I don't have the time to list every DVD. So, please don't complain! If there is a title not included in the RoundUp that you want to see, just look it up yourself, and be nice enough to post and share the results with everyone!

    Note that I cannot include Wal-Mart/Sam’s Club prices in the RoundUp. They set prices at individual stores based on nearby competition, so there is no way I can say here what price you'll find at YOUR local Wal-Mart/Sam’s Club location. And, as always, Circuit City does not guarantee their sale prices in Hawaii.

    The Specials

    **BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL! Madagascar AND The Skeleton Key AND Stealth are available in both OAR and MAR versions...get the correct one(s) !

    --A HUGE week for fans of TV on DVD! At least 18 titles of episodic television released this week! Take your pick!

    --One of those oddities this week. Amazon.com has the pan-and-scan version of The Skeleton Key priced at $20.99. The correct version is $18.98.

    --If you are a RewardZone member at BB, you can get a FREE EXCLUSIVE LITHOGRAPH with the purchase of Madagascar on DVD! RewardZone program members only. Minimum 100 per store. No rainchecks. Offer begins 11/15/05. Limit 1 lithograph per household. No dealers.

    --BB also has an EXCLUSIVE PC GAME DEMO ON-PACK with Madagascar. Minimum 45 per store. No rainchecks.

    --Best Buy is also offering an EXCLUSIVE ON-PACK BONUS DISC with its copies of Stealth. The Man vs. The Machine. Get interviews and commentaries from the cast, director and producers.

    --Best Buy is also offering an EXCLUSIVE ON-PACK BONUS DISC with its copies of Scrubs: Season 2. Exclusive bonus footage disc on-pack. 20-minutes of content, including Marital Bliss, Scrubbed Out and more.

    --Best Buy also has a deal on the first two season sets of Scrubs. Save $10, INSTANTLY, when you buy Scrubs: Season 1 ($29.99) and Scrubs: Season 2 ($29.99) Must be purchased on same receipt.

    --Best Buy also has an EXCLUSIVE PICTURE SLEEVE SINGLE with its copies of the Boss’ Born To Run – 30th Anniversary Boxed Set.

    --Circuit City says “lithograph, schmithograph” this week. With its copies of Madagascar, CC is offering an EXCLUSIVE FREE ALARM CLOCK. In-store only. While supplies last. Minimum 50 per store.

    --And. Much like BB, Circuit City is offering with its copies of Stealth a FREE EXCLUSIVE ON-PACK BONUS DISC! ”Stealth Secrets” Discovery Channel 51-minute bonus DVD. While supplies last. Minimum 15 per store.

    --Circuit City is offering a FREE “Entourage” bonus DVD with the purchae of select HBO titles. Disc includes one episode from the debut season of Entourage, plus an intro to the series and a $5 coupon good towards the purchase of Entourage: the Complete First Season. While supplies last. Minimum 48 per store.

    --Circuit City is also offering a $10 savings on the purchase of both Seasons 1 & 2 of Scrubs. In-store only. Both purchases must be on same receipt.

    --Maybe you don’t like lithographs or demo PC Games. If not, Target has EXCLUSIVE WRIST BANDS (four pack) with the purchae of Madagascar on DVD. Items are packaged together. Quantity limited. No rainchecks.

    --Target also has a FREE $5 GiftCard with the purchase of Charmed: Season 3. GiftCard automatically given at register; no rainchecks.

    The Appeal

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    First: Parker & Ron have re-formatted the Portal Page to include exclusive HT industry news you won’t find in any place on the HTF! Second: You will help support the Home Theater Forum and keep it up and running.

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    So, if you’ve been “sneaking in” to the HTF through links to your favorite thread or forum, please take an extra second of your time and land first on the HTF Portal Page. You’ll see the new Industry News sections AND help out financially. THANKS!

    The Markdowns

    The latest markdowns according to DavisDVD:

    EFFECTIVE: November 15, 2005 (Studio/Titles/New SRP)

    None to report.
  2. Patrick Sun

    Patrick Sun Moderator

    Jun 30, 1999
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    Circuit City on sale DVD items:

    Note: Free Entourage Bonus Disc includes 1 season 1 episode of Entourage, an intro to the series & a $5 coupon for Entourage season 1

    $59.99 each:
    Six Feet Under season 4 w/ FREE Entourage Bonus Disc
    Deadwood season 1 w/ FREE Entourage Bonus Disc

    Sopranos, The season 5 w/ FREE Entourage Bonus Disc

    Oz season 5 w/ FREE Entourage Bonus Disc

    $27.99 each:
    Sex & the City season 6 part 2 w/ FREE Entourage Bonus Disc

    Curb Your Enthusiasm season 4 w/ FREE Entourage Bonus Disc

    $19.99 each:
    Star Wars: Episode 3 RotS
    Kicking & Screaming
    Herbie Fully Loaded

    $18.99 each
    Friends season 1
    Friends season 2
    Friends season 3
    Friends season 4
    Friends season 5
    Friends season 6
    Friends season 7
    Friends season 8
    Friends season 9

    $17.99 each:
    Charlie & the Chocolate Factory
    The Longest Yard
    Batman Begins
    Da Alig G Show season 2 w/ FREE Entourage Bonus Disc

    P Diddy Presents the Bad Boys of Comedy


    $9.99 each:
    Shrek 2
    Shark Tale

    2 for $15:
    Die Hard
    Die Hard 2
    Die Hard 3
    Cast Away
    Big Momma's House
    Animal House
    Black Sheep
    Edward Scissorhands
    True Lies
    Chicken Run
    American Beauty
    The Neverending Story
    The Sandlot
    Strawberry Shortcake SBP
    What's Love Got to do With it?
    The Last of the Mohicans
    The Pelican Brief
    The Insider
    Shanghai Knights
    Hocus Pocus
    Out of Africa


    Best Buy on sale DVD items:

    Bret Hart: Hitman

    $19.99 each:
    Friends season 1
    Friends season 2
    Friends season 3
    Friends season 4
    Friends season 5
    Friends season 6
    Friends season 7
    Friends season 8
    Friends season 9

    $7.99 Each:
    Matrix: The Matrix, Reloaded, Revolutions
    Lord of the Rings: FOTR, TTT, ROTK
    Scooby Doo 1 / 2 (Live action)
    Hary Potter: The Chamber of Secrets, The Sorceror's Stone, The Prisoner of Azkaban
    Black Hawk Down non-DE
    Donnie Brasco
    A Few Good Men
    Lock, Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels
    12 Monkeys
    Stand By Me
    Cruel Intentions
    Planes, Trains & Automobiles
    The Big Lebowski (old version)
    Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls
    Month Python's Life of Brian
    Over The Top
    Enter The Dragon
    SNL: Will Ferrell Volume 1
    SNL: Chris Farley
    Menace II Society
    Pay It Forward
    The Transporter (old version)
    The Outlaw Josey Wales

    Music DVDs:
    Santana: Live By Request

    U2: Vertigo Tour 2005

    U2: Vertigo Tour 2005 Deluxe 2 DVD

    $14.99 each:
    Judas Priest: Rising In The East
    BEEF III w/bonus 30 min. DVD
    Green Day: Bullet in a Bible CD/DVD

    Usher: Behind the Truth 3DVD set

    Pitbull: Money is Still A Major Issue CD/DVD

    Bruce Springsteen: Born To Run 30th Anniversary Box Set 1 CD / 2 DVD / 1 Book


    Target on sale DVD items:

    The L Word: season 2

    $39.99 each:
    Harry Potter 1-3 Multipack
    I Love Lucy season 5
    Veronica Mars season 1
    Buffy season 7
    Home Alone Complete Caper Collection w/ FREE $5 GC
    Fantasy Island season 1

    $29.99 each:
    Ultimate Vacation Collection, The
    Bewitched season 2
    Everybody Loves Raymond season 4
    The Original Xmas Classics w/ FREE $5 GC
    Nickelodeon Nick for the Holidays! w/ FREE $5 GC
    Peanut's Classic Holiday Collection w/ FREE $5 GC

    The Wiggles Holiday 3-Pack w/ FREE $5 GC

    $19.99 each:
    3 Sesame Street Holiday DVDS w/ FREE $5 GC
    Legend of Frosty the Snowman Collection, The w/ FREE $5 GC
    Friends season 1
    Friends season 2
    Friends season 3
    Friends season 4
    Friends season 5
    Friends season 6
    Friends season 7
    Friends season 8
    Friends season 9
    Brady Bunch season 1
    Brady Bunch season 2
    Brady Bunch season 3
    Brady Bunch season 4
    Stealth PSP
    Hitchiker's GttG PSP
    Kung Fu Hustle PSP
    Unleashed PSP
    Napoleon Dynamite PSP
    Pulp Fiction PSP
    Toy Story 10th AE PSP

    $12.99 each:
    Shrek 2 w/ Penguin Animated Short Film
    Shark Tale w/ Penguin Animated Short Film

    $10 each:
    Barbie PP
    Barbie MoP
    5 People You Meet in Heaven
    The Phantom of the Opera
    A Cinderella Story
    Miss Congeniality 2
    American Psycho
    Miracle on 34th St.
    Home Alone
    Samantha AAGH
    Santa Clause
    Santa Clause 2
    Xmas Vacation
    It's a Wonderful Life
    How the Grinch Stole Christmas (cartoon)
    How the Grinch Stole Christmas (movie)
    The Nightmare Before Christmas
    Bob the Builder SU

    $7.50 each:
    Mystic River
    My Big Fat Greek Wedding
    Secret Window
    Starsky & Hutch
    Training Day
  3. ChrisBEA

    ChrisBEA Screenwriter

    Jul 19, 2003
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    Thanks as always!
    This week all I really want is Scrubs Season 2 and the Harold Lloyd set.
  4. george kaplan

    george kaplan Executive Producer

    Mar 14, 2001
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    Thanks as usual.

    A very busy week, with the usual caveats about double-dips (i.e., only if it turns out that PQ is indeed improved).

    Cheers Season 7
    Flinstones Season 4
    Frasier Season 7
    Harold Lloyd Comedy Collection, Vol. 1
    Huckleberry Hound, Vol. 1
    The Sound of Music
    Yogi Bear
  5. MatS

    MatS Screenwriter

    Jan 24, 2000
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    Springsteen set from Target for me
    thanx for including the price(s) on this
  6. Scott_J

    Scott_J Cinematographer

    Jul 17, 2000
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    Thanks, of course.

    Looking like just a couple season 4s for me this week: Flintstones and Man Show.

    FYI to George and anyone else buying Flintstones S4: There's a thread at DVDTalk stating that specially marked boxes of Fruity Pebbles and Cocoa Pebbles cereals contain a $5 mail-in rebate for Flintstones S4.
  7. TonyD

    TonyD Who do we think I am?

    Dec 1, 1999
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    Disney World and Universal Florida
    Real Name:
    Tony D.
    at least scrubs for me.

    and for flintstone fans check the etailers, a man called flintstones has been showing as available to ship at several.
  8. RickER

    RickER Producer

    Jan 4, 2003
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    Tulsa, Oklahoma
    Real Name:
    Well, its the $2500 Trek set from Amazon for me of course! Nah, i lied. Nothing for me this week...but next week watch out!
  9. PatWahlquist

    PatWahlquist Supporting Actor

    Jun 13, 2002
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    Rough week especially with the DDD sale!

    Thanks for the work guys.
  10. Random Hero

    Random Hero Second Unit

    Dec 13, 2004
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    Just the Bret Hart DVD set for me.

    And probably the 1st & Ten Complete Series at WalMart if my local store has it.

    And then some shopping at DDD in the middle of the week. [​IMG]
  11. Jay_B!

    Jay_B! Screenwriter

    Jun 4, 2005
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    why does nobody list the Buffy collection? I think Buffy is just as big, if not bigger, than Sex And The City (I am a fan of both shows), and all the places advertised the deluxe collector's set of that last week.
  12. DonRoeber

    DonRoeber Screenwriter

    Feb 11, 2001
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    Jay, I'm not sure. it doesn't seem to be listed in any of the circulars. According to Circuit City's website, they'll have it for $199, Best Buy will have it for $179, and Amazon isn't selling it direct, but you can purchase it from another online retailer through Amazon (their Used & New thing) for $198. I still have a preorder in with Amazon at $139, and it's listed to ship on 11/20. I'm going to leave that preorder in, and hope for the best.
  13. TravisR

    TravisR Studio Mogul

    Nov 15, 2004
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    The basement of the FBI building
    After a few big weeks, nothing for me. Next week is gigantic though.

    Well, maybe if I have some extra change in my pockets, I'll pick up that Star Trek 212 disc set. [​IMG]
  14. pitchman

    pitchman Screenwriter

    Aug 11, 1998
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    Columbia, MO
    Real Name:
    Mike and Patrick, thanks, as always! I can't believe that with such a large new release list, I am hard-pressed to find anything I am interested in getting. I don't see myself double and triple dipping on the Fox musicals. I am somewhat interested in Huckleberry Hound: Volume 1, but I would positively kick myself if it showed up at Sam's Club down the road for $12.88 like The Jetsons did. I guess I will sit this one out and save for next week.
  15. Adam_WM

    Adam_WM Screenwriter

    Oct 25, 2001
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    The winner for the BUFFY Box set is Deepdiscountdvd for $111 after the 20% discount!
  16. Mark-P

    Mark-P Producer

    Sep 26, 2005
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    Camas, WA
    Real Name:
    Mark Probst
    Rats! Nobody is offering a decent price on Oklahoma! or State Fair. Sure, they're offering Sound of Music for $14.99 (target) but I decided not to upgrade on that one. So I placed my order at DVDPlanet for Oklahoma! and State Fair for 18.89 each (free shipping, no sales tax)
  17. Kenneth Cummings

    Kenneth Cummings Supporting Actor

    Aug 7, 2001
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    Well nothing for me this week, as I generally holding off on picking up most dvds so I have something to get for Christmas. The Buffy set might make a nice gift...if it comes out.

    By the way, why does such a huge bomb like Sleath gets treated like a god with a two disc set and some lame PSP release, yet more deserving films get a trailer and "colorful disc art"?

    Meh, thanks for the roundup Mike.
  18. Dillon*G

    Dillon*G Second Unit

    Mar 8, 2004
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    I'm getting:
    -Cheers:Season 7
    -Flintstones:Season 4
    -Frasier:Season 7
    -Friends:Season 10
    -Home Movies:Season 3
    -Huckleberry Hound:Volume 1
    -King Kong Animated
    -Scrubs:Season 2
    -That 70's Show:Season 3
    -Three's Company:Season 5
    -Yogi Bear:Volume 1

    Thanks Mike and Patrick for the prices every week.
  19. ElijahS

    ElijahS Supporting Actor

    Jun 24, 2005
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    This week, it's Friends S10 and Scrubs S2
  20. Johnny Angell

    Johnny Angell Played With Dinosaurs Member

    Dec 13, 1998
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    Central Arkansas
    Real Name:
    Johnny Angell
    Ok, I gotta ask: where is the market for "Star Trek: The Ultimate Collection"?

    Surely the diehard fan of ST already owns everything in the collection. Those that don't own much ST already either are not fans or think they are overpriced (I'm in the latter group).

    Does this pose a problem for the "completist" who already owns all of ST? Does the Ultimate Collection have to be added to make his collection complete?

    This sounds a little like those items in the Nieman Marcus Xmas catalogs. They're there for the publicity effect but they won't sell many.

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