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    Aug 24, 2001
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    I saw this review in Playboy about on-line stores that sell audio equipment. I don't remember the brand names and I don't have the magazine with me (I figure it's not a good idea to bring Playboy to work), but they claim that the quality is good and that the prices are one-third the price of retail stores. They mentioned a receiver with 6.1 DTS and the whole works for $500 (I paid $750 for my NAD, which is only 5.1).
    Of course, the big drawback is that you don't physically see the model or get to hear it in person until you order it, though I believe they have return policies.
    So, does anyone know what the deal is with these web stores, or has done business with them? It looks too good to be true. I personally would feel uncomfortable ordering a receiver without hearing, touching, and seeing it first, even if I get to return it, which is a hassle.
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    Oct 25, 2000
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    Playboy mentioned Outlaw Audio, HSU subwoofers and BetterCables.
    All three of these vendors products are well represented within this forum (with glowing reviews).
    "These go to eleven" - Nigel Tufnel
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    Dec 18, 2000
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    Agreed. The Outlaw 1050 is a wonderful, clean playing receiver. The HSU is one of the best subs in the market today. Better Cables have an excellent reputation.
    Here is some of my internet only equipment:
    Main system:
    nOrh 4.0 package in blue/silver
    pair nOrh Le Amps
    Outlaw 1050
    SVS 20-39CS w/Samson S700 amp
    Shamrock Audio interconnects (for Le Amps)
    Bedroom system:
    drum nOrh 3.0
    If I'm not mistaken, most, if not all, of those companies carry zero debt. All of them have been excellent to work with and they produce products that are of very high quality at a relatively low cost (as opposed to what you would pay in a B&M store). There are also several other internet only companies out there. You can find a small listing of them over at Harmonic Discord . All of them have very good reputations and excellent customer service! I seriously doubt that you would be disappointed.
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