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  1. John Tillman

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    Feb 2, 1999
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    I've been listening to a local college radio station (WFUV) for a few years and have enjoyed much of what they offer.
    They even have a webcast at www.wfuv.com that I listen to as well. If you listen to web based radio and think it is good, please post a link so we can all enjoy.
  2. Jay H

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    Mar 22, 1999
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    I used to listen to WDHA which is a local NJ radio station down by Morristown but apparently there is some fuss over copyright laws and stuff and they pulled their webradio broadcasts awhile ago. Hasn't reappered since then although there still is a link (to a apology form) from their homepage. Since then, none of the major NYC stations I think have any more broadcasts and I haven't really gone looking for the indy/college stations. I kind of like WSOU to which is Seton Hall's station as they play some metal/punk and indy music and used to listen a little to WPSC which is William Paterson U.'s station but not anymore.


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