We need The Master, STAT!

Discussion in 'TV on DVD and Blu-ray' started by Tony J Case, Oct 2, 2008.

  1. Tony J Case

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    So I picked up a boxed set of 20 bootleg and public domain Kung Fu flicks the other day. While most of the set was Bruceploitaion flicks like Bruce Lee Fights Back from the Grave and The Clones of Bruce Lee, much to my eternal joy - they included a couple episodes of The Master, with Lee Van Cleef.

    Ok, the two episodes were smushed together into one big movie format and the print looked like hell, but man did I love it! It was wall-to-wall action, with fist fights and sword fights and explosions and and car chases and car wrecks and an old, out of shape Lee morphing into a svelt, ninja assassin when he puts on a mask.

    They only did 13 episodes, so it wouldnt be a huge production to release it!

    So who's with me in wanting a HUGE slice of 80's ninja cheese?
  2. Regulus

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    William Hughes
    ONE thing I learned from these Movies:

    No matter how badly outnumbered you are in a martial arts fight, your opponuts will only fight you ONE AT A TIME![​IMG]
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    Possibly, but writing, directing and everything that goes along with has evolved since the making of those earlier classics. This happened quite frequently, especially with Bruce Lee movies. It was the only way to safely protect their actors. Besides, there's a sort of honor in martial arts and I believe that film makers of those classic films took that into account when producing such movies.
  4. Nick Zbu

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    The whole series was released on VHS through TransWorld Entertainment (all 13 episodes!). I'm not sure if it's technically in public domain, but if it is I don't see why it couldn't be released.

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