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    As many know, some of the best silents were made at the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Paramount/Famous Players-Lasky studios in the silent era. Nearly all of their surviving silents have made it to laserdisc and VHS, but sadly, none on DVD yet.
    Obviously, many may need restoration and remastering (which is very likely), but this is to show that there is a market prepared to purchase these many great films.
    WB is preparing to release the imported Charlie Chaplin films as 2-disc SEs in 2003 and Paramount seems to be interested in Wings to be on DVD next year (from DVDTalk).
    Here is a petition for these films, not as angry one, but mainly to document which ones are wanted the most:
    WB has many requests for greats like Erich Von Stroheim's Greed and King Vidor's The Crowd. Paramount has gotten many requests for Wings and their other surviving silents such as The Docks of New York and The Wedding March.
    These films are regarded highly and would easily find their ways into silent cinema fans' DVD players when released.
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    I'm very much in favor of silents being released to DVD! I have a number of them in my library now.

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