Water Leak in House how and best way to fix?

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    So I will have to give you guys a little bit of background on my situation to see what you think and it may be a little hard to explain without a drawing but here I go.

    First we have a 3 bedroom 2.5 bath house where 2 of the bathrooms including our master bath is upstairs.

    Well this morning my wife wakes me up when she noticed that our Downstairs hallway coat closets carpet was all Wet. I felt all around the walls and there was absolutely nothing that I could find. So I go upstairs and take a shower in our Master bath which is pretty close to above that coat closet. She tells me that she noticed water dripping down the Outside wall of that closet (not the inside where its wet. Well I take a look and sure enough I have a some bubbled spot on the wall near our stairway which shares a wall with that coat closet.

    Last week I replaced the Spout of the Tub (The Tub and shower walls are all 1 piece including where the hole is for the spout) and when I replaced the spout I had to cut the copper pipe coming out of the wall so that it would fit. What most likely is happening? Could it be that the seal around the spout it not tight enough and the water in the shower is leaking down into the wall OR when I was cutting the pipe could the 3 way T in the wall possibly cracked, sprung a leak and the water is running inside the wall? We know that this has been leaking less then a week since we put a shoe holder in that coat closet 5 days ago and it was dry.

    Should I just claim this on my home owners or should I try to repair this myself? I am a little worried about how much damage could be done considering the water is flowing from upstairs to downstairs.

    Also we have 5 or 6 12" tiles in our down stair kitchen that were cracked before we moved in but a couple are getting worse. How can you find what manufacture the tiles are to get a match or even see if they are still available? If they are not available then we could get the homeowners insurance involved in that too. Would they take care of both on 1 claim or what I am assuming they would do is charge you for 2 claims meaning 2 deductibles. Worse being that it would show we had 2 claims in a short period of time on our home owners.

    Has anyone else had experience with their Home Owners Insurance and did they raise your rates? Man this sucks the worst part being that since it is our master bathroom I have to listen to my wife every damn day asking whats wrong and how long will it take. Damn that was long Winded. [​IMG]

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    With the insurance companies running for the hills with mold damage, I would not even begin to try and claim this. You will get cancelled big time and probably never be able to buy insurance again.

    You should probably get a plumber to fix what you broke and then rip the top out of the closet to let it dry thoroughly. Get a drywall guy to come and fix it up when you are satisfied the leak is fixed.

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