Water Filters: How Often to Replace/How Long to Store

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    Steve Tannehill
    I have a Maytag refrigerator that uses PuriClean water filters. The little red "replace filter" light came on like clockwork after 12 months of use. That was several months ago. [​IMG]
    How often should I really be replacing these filters? The Maytag site says that the light comes on after 12 months or 416 gallons of throughput. I definitely did not run that much water through the filter in 12 months.
    Also, is there a limit to how long new/unused filters can be stored? I found a place that sells the filters for $25 per in quantities of 4. If I chunk down $100, will the filters last on the shelf for 4 years? 6 years? 8 years?
    Thanks for any input!
    - Steve
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    Wes Peterson
    Your city water source and how clean/dirty will greatly dictate this! Here in West Jordan UT. our water is pretty clean runs around 400ppm TDS. I find my filter will last about a year before it starts slowing down the flow of water. Although I'm currently going on three years sense we installed this new fridge and filter but the water is almost dripping out. I just keep putting of buying a new filter.[​IMG]

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