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Watcher in the Woods: A few questions (spoilers) (1 Viewer)

Vince Maskeeper

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Jan 18, 1999
[this post is specifically about the ending of the film- so it contains spoilers].
My girlfriend has some sort obsession with this film from childhood- so she bought the DVD and I had the opportunity to watch it for the first time last night... and I have a few questions.
1) An unusual amount of dialog from this film was dubbed. The whole opening sequence with the Realtor and first family showing of the house is all ADR, and the lips line up fine, so it was originally delivered in English. Does anyone know why so much of this film was ADR'd?
2) I read Scott Michael Bosco's tirade about the film linked (and then removed) in this thread:
From his piece I got the vibe that the original screening he saw in theaters in a press presentation featured the "alternate ending" number 1 featured on the DVD (the short one with the watcher alien thing which does not include the "other world" sequence).
And from the answers about the "other world" ending Lynn-Holly Johnson offered the press after the screening, this leads me to believe that the long alternate ending (#2 on the DVD) with the "other world sequence" was the "original intended" ending to the film which was not completed (which Bosco seems to confirm from his talks with Tom Leetch).
So, that means the "ending" we see in the feature version of the film was the "reshot" ending that was tacked on to simplify the ending of the movie a year after it was completed (after the other world sequence had to be cut and they decided to remove the watcher puppet entirely).
So, my question is- if the first 2 are "original" and the ending in the film on DVD is a "reshoot"- how come Betty Davis looks correct in the reshoot, but wrong in the "original" endings.
If you look, in the ending included within the film, where Betty Davis comes to the chapel in the finale- her makeup and hair (and wardrobe) match as she had looked throughout the film, and the scenes that preceeded it.
However, in the "alternate" endings (that are supposedly the original endings)- Betty Davis has a completely different look when she comes out of the house and meets Karen. The white streaks have been removed from her hair (her hair is done is a different style), her makeup is completely different- and her wardrobe is different from what she was waering while pacing around the house. If this wasn't a reshoot, how did they error so badly on the look of the character from the rest of the film??
So, I'm confused how the "correct" ending for the film would have the character looking so different from how she looked throughout the film.
Anyone know much about the history of this film??

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