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5 cents worth

Nov 24, 2006
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I have now realized, I am just not supposed to have “Home Theater”.

My Onkyo TX-DS989 ver2 that I loved, lost the LED display lights in late September 2005. Under warranty I took it to Inner Sound in Portland, Oregon to have it fixed. They ran into problems, and shipped it off to Onkyo for the repair. Got it back 6 months later, now out of warranty. Spend about 4 hours hooking everything back up, only to find out I had no subwoofers, only two rears/sides, no Dolby Digital, no THX Ultra, and the list goes on. Onkyo had more or less “destroyed” the receiver. Took it back to Inner Sound, who agreed Onkyo really had done a job on my “989 ver2”, and told me they would not be surprised to see Onkyo just replace it with the new model TX-NR1000 after what the had done to mine. Two to three weeks later I get a call, Onkyo was not only not going to replace it, they refused to fix it as it was now out of warranty! It was not a warranty issue... Onkyo screwed it up while it was still under warranty, and took 6 months to do so. I called Onkyo's Customer Relations and talked to Don Phillips, who agreed to fix it as a favor to me, after I had faxed all my receipts etc. to him. Favor??? They broke it! Not I! Well, it was shipped to Onkyo along with receipts, proof of Ultra 2/ver2 upgrade, and so forth, and I got it back a few months later. Now scratched, either during shipping, or during the repair. Four hours later, all hooked up, and.... NO Ultra 2. Called Don several times, left messages, and waited for him to return my call. Also contacted the Better Business Bureau, the Attorney Generals Office and Consumer Affairs. They tried to contact Onkyo to no avail. Onkyo refused all mail and phone calls from both the BBB and the Attorney Generals Office. I was told by the BBB, Onkyo had an extremely bad record, and I can see why! Don finally returned my call, and I am now to ship the “989 ver2” back to Onkyo, they will fix the Ultra 2 part, but will give me no guaranty what so ever. I have been without a home theater for well over 12 months now due to their screw up, and at this point I will settle for nothing less than an exchange for a new top of the line receiver. Even though I am going to send the receiver back today I am going to sue Onkyo, and after being an Onkyo fanatic for close to 20 years, I will never again buy another Onkyo product.

NO more

Onkyo TX-DS989 THX 7.1 Receiver (Upgraded "Ultra2")
Yamaha DVD-S2300 SACD/DVD-A Player & GoVideo VR4940 DVD Recorder + VCR
Toshiba 65HX83 Cinema Series 16x9 65" Widescreen TV
Dish Network PVR501, PVR510 & the HD 921
Panamax Max1000+ and Panamax PowerMax DBS+ Surge Protectors
Pinnacle Classic Gold Aerogel Mains, Classic Gold Center, Classic Gold Mini-Monitor Rear Surrounds,
a Pinnacle Digital Sub 350 (dual 12") and a DBX db-SW15 down-firing Sub w/150 Watt NHT Amp
Side Surrounds: Energy e:XL-R
Remote: Logitech Harmony SST-659

and use your turnsignal...

Parker Clack

Schizophrenic Man
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Jun 30, 1997
Kansas City, MO
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Sorry to hear about your woes. Electronics just aren't what they used to be and neither is customer service.

Hopefully, they will this resolved soon.

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