Warner: "S.O.B"...not you guys, the movie!...plus another Blake Edwards idea

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    I am a big fan of this early 80s Hollywood satire. I feel it to be one of Blake Edwards' more underrated movies, and I wish for it to be released on DVD.

    A delightfully screwy comedy of this nature deserves good treatment...but the way it looks on video isn't that good. It looks horrible in pan-and-scan, with characters and credits often looking anorexic. If this movie could get an anamorphic OAR transfer, it would look dynamite.

    Ideas for extras:

    -While Blake Edwards is still alive, see if he can do a commentary track. If that doesn't pan out...

    -A retrospective documentary would be nice. Interviews with the surviving cast members and crew and an explanation of what "S.O.B" is, for those not in the know, could be included.

    -If Mr. Edwards is willing, and if any have survived, perhaps a few deleted scenes could be included.

    -Original theatrical trailer, if it has survived

    -TV and radio spots

    -Original press kit

    Since you'll be giving SE treatment to Edwards' "Victor/Victoria", perhaps this could make a good companion piece.

    Second idea:

    A Blake Edwards box set, in collaboration with several other studios (excluding MGM)...I don't know how many of these are on DVD:

    Paramount ("Breakfast At Tiffany's", "Darling Lili")

    Columbia TriStar ("Blind Date", "The Man Who Loved Women")

    20th Century Fox ("Skin Deep")

    Pioneer ("That's Life")

    Of course, your other Blake Edwards titles ("Days Of Wine And Roses", "The Great Race", "10") could be included as well, along with "S.O.B" and "Victor/Victoria".


    John "I don't know...you're the doctor" Kilduff
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